These Teeny, Tiny Deodorants Are Perfect For Freshening Up On-The-Go


While deodorant sticks aren't exactly mammoth sized, there are a whole bunch of reasons why you might wish for a more compact product to roll around in your purse. Maybe you want to save some space in your carry-on for when you go on a weekend trip, or maybe you want an emergency stick for those extra stressful moments at work. Sometimes it would be nice to have a bite-sized stick so you could throw it into a gym bag or an overnight duffel, especially without having to take the one out of your bathroom. Or how cool would it be to have one small enough to throw into a clutch, when you need a B.O touch-up during a night out on the dance floor? There are all kinds of reasons people would want a more miniature version of their deo, and Secret has been listening. Secret Deodorant just launched Freshies, their new on-the-go antiperspirants.

The full name is Secret Freshies Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant On-The-Go, but they're dubbed Freshies for short. They're a series of four bite-sized, sphere-shaped antiperspirants that are as cute as they are inconspicuous. Strongly resembling EOS lip balms, you uncap the small pods to uncover a mound of deo that could be put on on the sly. Throw it into your bag or have it rattling around in your desk drawer, and everyone will assume it's just chapstick. It's genius.

"The Secret Freshie is a small, discreet, portable antiperspirant and deodorant designed specifically for your on-the-go lifestyle," Secret shares in a press release. "It gives you odor and wetness protection when you need it most because it can be quickly and easily reapplied throughout the busiest days for an instant burst of freshness."

Secret Freshies, $5, Walmart

The palm-size deodorant sticks come is scents taken from the original Secret line, just made minuscule. The pastel blue orb is "Chill Ocean," a fresh and crisp scent; the baby pink one is "Paris Rose," which is your floral option; the lilac one is "Luxe Lavender" which has a mild lavender scent; and the light green one is "Cool Waterlily."

The reviews for the collection are amazing as well, where over a thousand users posted their comments, giving the Freshies nearly five solid stars.

"It fits perfectly into my jacket pockets so I don't have to worry I smell bed after the gym or a stressful business meeting," one reviewer wrote. "I absolutely love it. It not only does the job of keeping me dry and smelling fresh, but it lasts for an entire day without re-applying."

Secret Freshies, $5, Walmart

"I love the convenience of this product! I always like to keep a deodorant with me for backup, especially during summer," another customer shared. "Other travel size deodorants can be a pain because they melt or the lids go missing. This one is small, compact, and stays closed in my bag. The scent is really nice and it goes on easily. It's small in size, but still lasts quite awhile."

People seem to find the compact pod really helpful, and it's fun shape and color design add to the positive reception. If you feel like having a to-go antiperspirant would be beneficial, Freshies seems to be the way to go. Never be caught with sweaty and stinky pits again.