This New Self-Care App Lets You Pretend You’re In Bed All Day Long

by Carolyn de Lorenzo

Self-care is a buzzword among wellness aficionados and therapy-goers alike, but it’s easy to overlook its importance when we’re buried in commute times, incessant daily demands, and seemingly endless to-do lists. And as life becomes increasingly frenetic, and also ever more tech-driven, good self-care techniques are more vital than ever. Basically, self-care is not a luxury — it’s a non-negotiable necessity for anyone who regularly encounters stress. So, that’s pretty much everyone, right?

Enter #SelfCare by TRU LUV, an innovative tech design studio committed to developing restorative games and apps designed to promote deep relaxation and well-being throughout the day — all via a few taps on your iPhone screen. And while plenty of apps incentivize mindless scrolling, the new #SelfCare app lets you pretend you’re in bed all day — which is why I need this, stat. Per a recent press release sent to Bustle via email, “TRU LUV takes your phone past being a tool for personal betterment and onto providing a truly immersive experience — one that replaces mindless scrolling with mindful intention.” Yes, please!

The best part about #SelfCare? The premise of the self-care game is that you're literally chilling in bed, in a millennial pink and pastel room all day. Seriously.

Courtesy of TRU LUV

Unlike traditional mobile video games that up the challenge as you advance, #SelfCare games “begin disorderly and awkward, and become more orderly and satisfying,” as you progress, according to the recent press release. You can personalize your virtual self-care sanctuary with “unique additions contributed by guest artists working in themes of self-care, updating your space to reflect the evolution of your goals and outlook.” The more time you spend on #SelfCare, the more tasks and options you unlock to expand your self-care practice. You can awaken your dozing cat, do a simple tarot card reading, or water a plant. "It’s your safe, comfortable space where you give yourself permission to feel better,” the press release reads.

And, also unlike traditional video games, #SelfCare eschews the typical progression of winning, losing, and increasing levels of difficulty, and instead, “The goal is simple: to feel better … for three to five minutes you can escape to a calm and soothing room, and return to your life refreshed and ready to face your stresses.”

Courtesy of TRU LUV

The app is available for free with in-app purchases in the Apple store. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for Android. The design studio behind the app, TRU LUV, aims to mitigate some of the anxiety producing effects of our phones, like distressing news feeds, with “beautiful interactive experiences [that] leave you feeling calm, connected, and integrated,” per the TRU LUV website.

While smartphones obviously benefit our lives in amazing ways we could have only imagined a few years back, there can be downsides — making apps like these a super helpful way to destress. And while your news feeds, social media-inspired FOMO, and email inbox will continue to warrant your attention throughout the day, now there’s a great little tech-savvy way to get some much deserved relief — while upping your roster of self-care strategies, too.