The 'Heathers' Reboot Now Stars Selma Blair, Too

by Amy Roberts
New World Pictures

The upcoming Heathers reboot has gotten that much more interesting. Selma Blair has joined the Heathers reboot cast, which not only seems to indicate that the show is totally heading in the right direction, but also that it's aiming to capture peak nostalgia. Blair shared the news in a glorious Instagram post, featuring the caption, "Do I look like step Mother Theresa?," which fans of the movie will recall as being half of one the most memorable and explicit quotes from the 1988 classic dark comedy.

The Instagram post appears to show Blair in costume, on the Heathers set, looking like a darker, sassier, and younger version of Married With Children's Peg Bundy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Blair will be playing a recurring character called Jade in the Heathers reboot, who is described as a glamorous, menthol-smoking stripper who is Heather Duke's stepmother. The character is also described as simply biding her time until her 82 year-old husband "kicks the bucket," which incidentally sounds so very Heathers and so very Blair.

In November, it was announced that original movie cast member Shannon Doherty will guest star in the Heathers reboot, which seemed to cater to the sort of nostalgic fanservice that is to be expected from such a beloved late-80s hit. However, Doherty also came with the added bonus of being a '90s TV queen, having played Brenda Walsh in Beverly Hills 90210, and Prue Halliwell in Charmed.

While Blair's era was more early '00s than '90s, her addition to the cast still lends the Heathers reboot an extra layer of nostalgic glory. It feels like several decades worth of pop culture from the '80s onwards are being acknowledged and celebrated in this reboot with such stellar casting choices.

What's perhaps most alluring about the prospect of Blair's character in the Heathers reboot is that it also in sounds in line with some of her most iconic late '90s and early '00s roles. Jade sounds as diabolically campy as Cecile from Cruel Intentions, as deliciously trashy as Caprice in John Waters' A Dirty Shame, and as powerfully confident as Vivian from Legally Blonde.

In short, it sounds like the perfect pairing, especially when you consider that Heathers has continued to be celebrated for its outrageously savage camp comedy to this day and that Blair basically does savage camp comedy in her sleep. The 10-episode Heathers reboot, which is expected to premiere on the Paramount network at the start of 2018, will be set in present day. But if this latest casting announcement is anything to go by, then the show will be full of fun references, retrospective comedy, and nostalgic fan service.

Our love is God, Heathers fans. Now, let's go get a slushie.