Twitter Reviews Of Sephora Collection's Pro Palettes Are Here

by Kali Borovic

You might know Sephora as the store that houses all of your favorite beauty labels, but they're proving that they're much more than just a place to shop. Their in-house brand, Sephora Collection, just created three Sephora PRO Palettes and people are obsessed to say the least. From the shade ranges to the size of the palette, prepare to be amazed by these makeup creation. They won't be around for long though, so don't waste too much time gawking.

If there's anyone that knows about amazing makeup launches, it's Sephora. They've taken all of that makeup knowledge and put it to good use too. Sephora Collection created three eyeshadow palettes that are sure to blow you away. I'm talking 28 shades that are perfectly curated to be on-trend and completely wearable all at the same time. It doesn't get much better than this.

As far as shades go, there's something for cool tone, warm tone, and color lovers. The three different palettes are set up exactly the same, with sleek, black packing, square pans, and a huge mirror, but all have different shades inside. Your heart will say buy them all, but, seeing as they're $68 a piece, your wallet will say pick your favorite.

Sephora Collection Sephora PRO Editorial Palette, $68, Sephora

Just like all good things, eventually this palette will come to an end. According to the website, all three of the palettes are new, exclusive, and limited edition. The brand has yet to say when they will be discontinued, so you should probably shop while you still can.

Sephora Collection Sephora PRO Warm Palette, $68, Sephora

The warm toned palette is a fan-favorite on Twitter, but there's no denying that the rest of the palettes are absolutely stunning as well. Each one comes with a classic black for a makeup staple and a mix of shimmers for the shades. The eye look possibilities are pretty much endless.

Sephora Collection Sephora PRO Cool Palette, $68, Sephora

Like I said, fans are going crazy over these palettes. Between the shades and the formula, it seems like there's nothing NOT to love. According to these Twitter reviews, the palettes are three must-haves for your makeup bag.

Look at those colors, people!

It's not a want, it's a need.

Pinch yourself, because this is not a dream.

The emoji says it all.

The results are in!

Every. Single. Penny.

Ugh, stunning.

If that's not enough to convince you to buy, then I don't know what is.