Sephora Is Giving Away Free Face Masks & No, There Isn't A Catch

by Kali Borovic

This weekend might be National Lipstick Day, but it's all about the face masks at Sephora. According to Refinery29, Sephora is giving away free face masks all weekend long for no apparent reason at all. There are no catches and no gimmicks with this deal, either.

Cancel your plans, because this is the best deal that Sephora has ever offered. The brand will be handing out free face masks from July 27 to the 29. Or, you know, while supplies last. You're going to want to get there as soon as the doors open, because beauty lovers never turn down a free sample.

All you have to do to get the free face mask is walk into a Sephora store. That is all. You don't have to be a card member, spend a minimum purchase, or even buy anything at all. This giveaway is completely free.

The brand hasn't announce the deal on their social media or gave a reason for why this killer deal is happening. Either way, don't ask questions. Just get to Sephora and get yours.

Sephora didn't say how many that it will hand out. It did mention that it is only happening at brick and mortar stores though. So you won't be able to snag the free mask out on the website.

These face masks are originally $6 each on the Sephora website. There are nine different types of masks available — Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Coconut, Pearl, Rose, Pineapple, Lotus, Honey, and Algae. There's a good chance that you won't be able to pick exactly which one you want, since it will likely be a madhouse to get one at all. Your best bet is to show up early though.

Like mentioned above, the brand did not say why this deal is happening. Sephora also did not mention if all different ingredients will be available.

Sephora did mention that the brand was looking into adding even more ingredients to the list of face masks available. Maybe this is a way to reach out to the public and see which of the masks are their favorite. Or maybe not. Either way, a free $6 face mask is a free $6 face mask. So take what you can get, my friends.

If this is anything like the free MAC lipstick giveaway for National Lipstick Day, there will likely be a line to stand in on the day of the event. Because when you get exciting news like free face masks, beauty lovers come out of the woodwork to get them.

Sephora stores open at 10am EST on Saturdays, so mark your calendars. Wake up early, grab a coffee and a friend, and get ready to stand in line for your free face mask. A deal like this doesn't come around very often, so you'll want to take advantage of it.

This deal falls on the same weekend as National Lipstick Day as well. So on top of getting free face masks, you can also get a free lipstick form tons of brands as well. What a time to be alive.

There's never been a better time to be a beauty lover.