Sephora's New Hair Care Line Includes $12 Hair Dye

Courtesy of Sephora (2)

Given the volume of products lining Sephora shelves and the frequent introduction of new offerings at the retailer, you can blink and miss a low-key launch. Sephora secretly dropped new hair products and each item is less than $15. It's a small but high-impact collection that consists of three styling products and three temporary hair dyes. Allure first reported on the collection, which arrived without much fanfare but looks totally awesome. These new products can be your new secret strand weapons.

The products are part of the Sephora Collection, which is the beauty behemoth's in-house brand. The range includes Dry Shampoo, Texturing Spray, and Smoothing Cream, all of which address typical hair concerns that most of us face. The Semi-Permanent Hair Color is the edgiest thing about the collection — and for several reasons. The dyes come in pink, purple, and teal shades that can last up to 10 washes and are just $12 a box. So if you want to add a pop of color to your coif, you can do so without commitment and without making a dent in your wallet.

The new Sephora Hair products come in branded packaging. Each product listing on the Sephora site features a blue and white "Sephora Quality, Way-Nice Price" stamp. The graphic quickly and cutely alerts Sephora shoppers on a budget that they need to check out this particular item.

Below is the rundown of what's in the new range.

1. Semi-Permanent Hair Color

You get all of the punk rock colors without any of the commitment, potential damage, or price that comes with swapping out your shade. You can play with Tenacious Teal, Parisian Purple, and Psychic Pink. The rich cream formula works with all hair textures and types. It's temporary, doesn't need to be mixed, and gradually fades every time you shampoo your strands. The color lasts from seven to 10 washes so you can enjoy different intensities for at least a week.

2. Texturizing Spray

Even though summer is beginning to go buh-bye, you can still enjoy bedhead 'n' beachy waves. This new collection includes a lightweight yet buildable texturizing spray that adds body, volume, and definition to fine-to-medium hair. It'll pump up waves and curls or add some lift to straight strands — minus the stickiness and stiffness that often comes with these sorts of products.

3. Smoothing Cream

This lightweight cream quickly absorbs into hair, taming those pesky flyways and smoothing any frizz. It adds shine without weighing locks down and leaving them limp or flat. It's an excellent finishing touch for all types and textures and adds a boost of moisture to dry strands.

4. Dry Shampoo

If you have to skip a wash, this colorless dry shampoo will refresh hair in between shampoos and after workouts. The formula is enriched with apple cider vinegar and it zaps oil from hair, leaving it texturized and feeling clean. There is no powder residue, which can lead to build up and actually make hair look and feel dirty.

Shoppers can buy the entire line for just over $50. It's a complete hair styling system and lets you have a little fun with pops of color!