Sephora's Beauty Class For Cancer Patients Is Launching This Week, & Its Mission Is So Inspiring

Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Sephora has already given us endless reasons to hand over our hard-earned cash — the highlighter! The mascara! The brow palettes! (I could go on and on.) But their latest endeavor provides some truly meaningful encouragement to support the brand. This week, Sephora is launching an instructional class for people living with cancer, called Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer.

The class "focuses on solutions for those whose skin and hair have been affected by their cancer diagnosis," according to a People exclusive. Explains the class description on Sephora's site, attendees will "discover techniques and products that address the visible effects of cancer treatments."

In addition to the many physical effects of cancer treatments, side effects like hair loss and dry skin can take a psychological toll, too. So for cancer patients whose outward appearance is changing as a result of their treatments, Sephora is aiming to help them feel empowered and confident. Because as any makeup addict knows, beauty tips and tricks are much more than skin deep.

The class is part of Sephora's ongoing Classes for Confidence program, which offers free makeup tutorial classes to empower people who are going through major life changes and build up their confidence (they started with a workforce re-entry class to teach natural and professional looks to people getting back into work).

These sessions in particular were designed based on focus groups including Sephora employees who are cancer survivors, Corrie Conrad, Sephora’s Head of Social Impact, told People. Each class will hold 12 people, with a coach for every 3-4 attendees. Members of support systems are welcome to sign up, as are men who are living with cancer (skin effects and hair loss affects them, too).

40 Sephora stores across the nation are offering the class so far, with more locations to be added. You can find the closest one and sign up on Sephora's website.