Seriously Improve The Way You Organize Your Stuff With These 40 Innovative Products On Amazon

From where I'm currently sitting, I can count not one, not two, but five spice bottles strewn haphazardly throughout my kitchen. And while I'm not usually one to point fingers, it's totally the result of my boyfriend cooking breakfast this morning. Luckily, when he cleans it up, it'll only take a minute — because I have found the most clever products on Amazon to organize all the stuff that adds to clutter.

For instance, the thing that solves the breakfast issue? A cute spice rack with pull-out drawers so that it's easy to see what spices you have — but why stop there? I can organize my whole space with a chic rotating makeup organizer that can hold all my makeup and hairsprays while I'm at it, or a knife block designed to fit right into my drawers. Soon enough, I'll have padded my living space with enough products to keep clutter at bay and make my home feel way more peaceful — and less chaotic.

So whether you're looking for a wall-mounted shower caddy or you're in the market for a pack of heavy-duty reusable twist ties, there are tons of smart inventions on Amazon that can help you organize your life.

1. The Rotating Makeup Organizer That Doesn't Wobble

Most rotating makeup organizers have a tendency to wobble, but this one is incredibly stable — and I know because I own it. In addition to the rotating tower, this organizer also features slots where you can store your eyeliner, lipstick, nail polish, and more: plus, the shelves on the tower are adjustable so that you can easily store aerosol cans and sprays of all shapes and sizes.

2. A Hot Tool Holder That Hangs Off Your Countertop

If your countertops are cluttered with hot tools and makeup, try opening up some space by using this convenient hot tool holder. This holder is designed to easily attach onto any smooth, non-porous surface, and it's made durable silicone that's heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use it with flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons, and more — plus, it easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.

3. The Chic Shower Caddy That Requires Zero Tools To Install

Let's face it — no one really enjoys using those bucket-style shower caddies, so add a little style to your shower by using this wall-mounted one instead. There are zero tools required for installation since it's designed with super-sticky adhesive that can attach to any smooth, non-porous surface, plus it's made with stainless steel that's resistant to rust. It's able to hold up to 13 pounds, and it's large enough that it can hold about seven bottles.

4. An Extra-Large Organizer That Keeps Your Trunk Neat And Tidy

Not only is it super-durable because it's made with reinforced base plates, but this trunk organizer also features non-slip strips on the bottom that prevent it from sliding around while you drive. They also come with straps you can use to secure it to the floor of your trunk, and it even collapses in half so that it can also fit into smaller cars. It's great for groceries, toys, sporting equipment, and more — plus, the built-in handles make it easy to transport.

5. The Charging Station That Can Hold Phones, Tablets, And More

Unlike other charging stations that only come with the base, this one from Hercules Tuff comes with four shortened lightning cables, as well as one micro-USB and one type-C, so that you won't have to deal with a jumbled mess of wires every time your phone needs a charge. It's also compatible with any other type of USB cable you have — plus, the dividers on the top are wide enough for phones, tablets, the Nintendo Switch, and more.

6. An Outlet Extender With A Sturdy, Built-In Shelf On The Top

This convenient outlet will increase your available plugs from two to six, plus there are also two USB ports where you can easily charge your devices. The shelf itself is strong enough that it can easily hold your phone while it charges (or act as a base for your Amazon Alexa), and it also features built-in surge protection to keep all your electronics safe.

7. The Hand Towel Holders That Double As Jewelry Stands

No towel racks in your bathroom? No problem, as these hand towel racks are the perfect height to hold small hand towels so that you're not left with drippy hands after using the bathroom. The ceramic base looks great paired with any style of decor you already have, and the raised edges allow you to store rings, earrings, and other small accessories on top of it. They're large enough that they can hold up to two towels, and you can also use it to hang your necklaces.

8. A Pot And Pan Organizer That You Can Use Horizontally Or Upright

Set it upright to organize your pots and pans in tall cabinets, or lay it down horizontally in short cabinets — either way, this pot and pan organizer can hold up to eight pans of various sizes with ease. You can adjust the height so that it will also fit into shorter cabinets, and it's made from super-durable cast iron that won't warp underneath heavy loads. As an added bonus, each order also comes with non-slip tubes that prevent it from sliding around.

9. The Ice Cube Trays That Won't Spill In Your Freezer

No one enjoys seeing water spill out of their ice cube trays into their freezer, which is why both of these trays come with lids that prevent accidental spills. The circular opening on the top of the lid lets you fill these trays without taking the lid off, and the trays as well as the lid are made from heavy-duty plastic that won't crack over time.

10. A Desk Lamp With A Built-In USB Port For Charging Your Devices

Instead of searching around for an outlet the next time you're working at your desk, just plug your device into this handy desk lamp's built-in USB port instead. This desk lamp is made with bright LED bulbs that have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours, and the smart LCD screen also shows you the temperature outside, the time, and the date. The colored light on the side works great as a night light for kids, plus there are three dimmable brightness levels to choose from.

11. The Couch Caddy That Lets You Sit Drinks And Snacks On Top

Unlike other couch caddies that have a flexible fabric top, this couch caddy is designed with a flat tray top that lets you sit your drinks and snacks on it while you relax. There are multiple pockets on the side of this caddy where you can store remotes, magazines, phones, pens, chargers, and more — plus, it's made from durable nylon that's resistant to stains as well as fraying.

12. An Over-The-Door Organizer For Cutting Boards, Plastic Bags, And More

All you have to do is hang it over any cabinet door, and this convenient organizer will become your go-to place to store cutting boards, reusable grocery bags, plastic sandwich baggies, and more. The hooks are super-thin so that you can still close the door all the way — and they're also coated with EVA foam so that they won't cause any accidental scratches.

13. The Three-Tier Foldable Display That's Perfect For Potted Plants

If your home has no convenient places to keep your potted plants, this three-tier plant stand made from eco-friendly bamboo is a great option. Unlike other tiered stands, this one is stable and won't shake back-and-forth since it's skid- and shake-proof, plus each tier is sturdy enough that it can hold up to 30 pounds. It folds down when you're no longer using it so it's easy to store, and all the tools required for assembly come included with it.

14. An Under-The-Bed Organizer For Shoes, Underwear, And More

Whereas shoe racks can only hold so many pairs of shoes, these under-the-bed shoe organizers are large enough that they can hold up to 24 pairs in total. They're made from thick non-woven fabric that won't damage or scratch your shoes, and the two built-in handles make it easy to pull them out from underneath your bed. You can also use them to store socks, shirts, scarves, and more — best of all, the clear vinyl cover lets you see what's inside without having to unpack everything.

15. The Tool Rack That Tucks Away Neatly Into Any Corner

Instead of leaving your shovels, rakes, brooms, and more in a jumbled pile in the corner of your garage, use this corner-styled tool rack to neatly sort them out. This rack has enough slots for up to 30 tools, and it's lightweight so that it's easy to move (even when there are tools in it). The large, solid base is stable so you don't have to worry about it tipping over, plus there are holes in the top where you can anchor it to the wall.

16. A Bamboo Knife Block That Fits Easily Into Your Drawers

Not only is it designed to fit 99% of all standard kitchen drawers, but this in-drawer knife block also keeps your knives organized without taking up space on your countertop. This knife block is able to hold up to 16 knives as well as a knife sharpener, and it's versatile enough that it can even fit knives that have larger handles. It's made from high-quality eco-friendly bamboo, plus one Amazon reviewer wrote that the wood is "soft enough to prevent [knife] edges from dulling too quickly."

17. The Laundry Hamper With Sections For Your Darks, Lights, And Colors

You could keep wasting time separating your lights from your darks when you're doing laundry, or you could save yourself some effort by putting your dirty lights, darks, and colors into this partitioned hamper. This hamper is divided into three sections so that it's easy to keep your laundry organized, and the Velcro straps on the top make it easy to carry each bag from your room to the washer. The aluminum frame is sturdy so you won't have to worry about it warping under heavy loads, plus each bag is large enough that it can hold up to two standard loads of laundry.

18. A Folding Drying Rack That Doubles As Extra Closet Space

Mount it in your closet for some extra hanging space, or mount this folding drying rack in your laundry room for an easy place to let your shirts air dry. This drying rack comes with all the anchors and screws needed for a secure mount into drywall, brick walls, or regular wood, and it takes up hardly any space when folded shut. It's able to hold up to 60 pounds, plus it's made from heavy-duty ABS plastic that won't warp over time.

19. The Reusable Twist Ties Made From Heavy-Duty Rubber

You could keep wasting money on disposable twist ties, or you could save some cash by using these reusable rubber ones instead. These ties are made with a strong, bendable wire on the inside that helps them maintain their shape when used to secure heavy items like extension cables, furniture, pipes, and more — plus, they're waterproof and UV-resistant so you can easily use them outside without having to worry about them deteriorating.

20. A Bedside Caddy That Opens Up Space On Your Nightstand

If your nightstand is cluttered with remotes, chargers, magazines, books, and more, use this bedside caddy to help de-clutter your space. There are three main compartments as well as one large mesh pocket where you can store your items so that they're always within reach, plus the flat top easily slides underneath your mattress which means there's practically zero risk of it ever falling out. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that "This is so well made — the fabric is a heavy canvas."

21. The Drawer Dividers Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Designed so that they'll fit most drawers in your home, these drawer dividers are made from eco-friendly bamboo that's exceptionally durable. Each divider is made with a spring-loaded mechanism that allows them to automatically adjust to however long your drawer is, and they also have non-slip grips on the ends so that they won't shake loose. You can use them to organize art supplies, accessories, and more, plus they're finished with food-grade mineral oil so that they're safe to use with utensils and silverware.

22. An Airline-Approved Travel Kit For Dogs Of All Shapes And Sizes

Instead of packing up all your dog supplies the next time you travel, just keep this convenient airline-approved canine travel set for the next time you take your pupper out of town. This bag is large enough that it can hold chew toys, brushes, leashes, and more, plus it also comes with two collapsible doggie bowls made from antibacterial silicone. There are two lined food containers that can hold up to 30 cups of dog food, and it's also great for camping trips as well as travel.

23. The Kitchen Rack That Can Hold Up To 30 Spice Jars

Designed so that it'll fit into most standard-sized cabinets, this spice rack sets itself apart from the competition by being able to hold up to 30 full-sized spice bottles. The drawer pull outwards and down so that your spices are easy to see, and the non-skid feet prevent it from sliding around. Each order also comes with 96 removable labels so that you know what's inside the drawers without having to pull them out, and it's able to fit both round and square bottles.

24. An Entryway Organizer Where You Can Store Keys And Write Notes

Not only are there six hooks where you can easily hang your keys, but this entryway organizer also features a basket where you can store your mail, plus the added whiteboard is a great place to write quick notes. Each order comes with a dry-erase pen with a magnetic backing that lets you keep it attached to the whiteboard, and the wire basket is made from durable steel with a rust-resistant finish.

25. The Easy-To-Reach Organizer That Hangs Off The Air Vents In Your Car

The pockets in your driver's side door aren't very convenient, so use this organizer that attaches to the air vents in your car for any items you'd like to keep easily accessible. This organizer has three soft-lined pockets that won't scratch delicate items like your phone and sunglasses, plus there's also a built-in port on the back where you can snake a charging cable through. The strap can be adjusted depending on how low or high you'd like it to hang, and it's large enough that it can fit iPhones as well as Androids.

26. A Set Of Clear, Stackable Containers That Are Perfect For Small Accessories

If you're tired of having to scrounge around your home for a hair tie or bobby pin, then these stackable containers are practically a must-have. Each container is large enough that they can hold small accessories like scrunchies, hair clips, jewelry, and more, plus they're also great in the kitchen as a place to store candy, nuts, and other small snacks. The clear plastic makes it easy to see what's inside, and they're made right here in the USA.

27. The Rotating Hangers Where You Can Store Belts, Ties, And More

If your closet is in need of a little tidying-up, then these rotating hangers will get the job done. Each hanger has enough hooks that it can hold up to 20 belts, scarves, or ties, and there's zero installation required since they're designed so that they can hang on any standard closet rod. The anti-slip arms hold your items securely in place, plus it's an easy way to free up some precious shelf space in any closet.

28. A Set Of Stackable Jars That Are Perfect For Snacks

Not only are they great for storing snacks, but these stackable bottles are also the perfect size for packing some protein powder to take after your workout. Each order comes with four jars in varying sizes, plus the twist-and-lock system lets you connect the jars together in any order. The removable handle makes it easy to carry them when they're all connected, and they're made from odor-resistant, BPA-free plastic.

29. The Over-The-Door Organizer That Saves Space In Your Pantry

If your pantry has turned into a jumbled mess of snacks and food, try using this over-the-door pantry organizer to straighten it out. Each organizer has 15 pockets where you can store condiments, baking supplies, spices, and more, plus the clear pockets make it easy to see what's inside without having to unpack anything. It's designed to hang on any standard door or rod, and there are zero tools required for installation.

30. A Convenient Organizer Designed For Your Makeup Palettes

My makeup palettes are strewn haphazardly across my vanity, whereas yours could easily be looking neat and tidy if you use this palette organizer. You can use this organizer to store your bronzer, eyeshadow, blush, highlighter palettes, and more, plus you can even use it in your office as a convenient place to keep your note cards, papers, and other small supplies. There are nine compartments in total, and the tiered design makes it easy to see exactly what is where.

31. The Headrest Hanger That Keeps Your Purse Clean In The Car

Setting your bag on the ground is an easy way for it to become dirty, so why not use this headrest hanger to keep it high and dry while you're driving? You can use this hanger with groceries, clothes, umbrellas, and kid's toys in addition to handbags, plus the hook swings so that you can use it in both the front and back of the seat. Each hook can hold up to 18 pounds, and the high-quality ABS and silicone design is exceptionally durable.

32. A Computer Monitor Riser Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Not only is the bamboo construction eco-friendly, but this monitor stand is also so durable that it can hold up to 80 pounds. Raising your computer monitor up to eye-level is an easy way to alleviate strain on your eyes and neck, and you can also use it to raise up your printer, television, or even a laptop. There are built-in slots where you can store your phone, cups, stapler, as well as paper clips — and the space underneath is a great place to store your keyboard and mouse.

33. The Clips That Keeps Your Cables From Becoming A Tangled Mess

Not only are they an easy way to organize all the loose cables and wires behind your television and computer, but these cable clips are also designed so that they'll stick to practically any surface, including plastic, wood, glass, metal, rubber, and more. These clips come pre-loaded with super-sticky adhesive on the back so that all you have to do is peel and stick them where you like, plus they're large enough that they can even accommodate thick HDMI cables.

34. A Pair Of Shelves That Can Stack And Expand To Fit Your Cabinets

It doesn't matter whether you're trying to organize your plates, cups, bottles, cans, or even condiment and paint bottles — this stackable cabinet organizer is sturdy enough that it can hold all of it. The tops of these shelves are made from super-durable perforated steel that won't warp under heavy loads, and you can either stack the shelves on top of each other in tall cabinets — or set them next to each other in wide ones.

35. The Heat-Resistant Travel Pouch For Your Hot Tools

Throwing your hair straightener or curling iron into your suitcase while it's still hot is a recipe for disaster, whereas sliding it into this hot tool travel pouch is incredibly easy. This pouch is made from heat-resistant silicone that won't transfer the heat from your tools to your luggage, and you can also use it as a resting mat while you're styling your hair since the textured exterior helps prevent your tools from sliding off.

36. A Hanging Mesh Storage Basket You Can Use For Practically Anything

Sure, it may be marketed as a space-saving alternative to bulky toy boxes on the floor, but these hanging mesh storage baskets can also be used in your closet for a convenient place to store socks and underwear. The mesh design means that these baskets are breathable and won't harbor any funky odors, plus they also come with S-hooks that make it easy to hang them from any standard curtain rod.

37. The Shelf Dividers That Separate Your Towels, Jeans, And More

If your closet shelves are a jumbled mishmash of pants, sweaters, and T-shirts, then these shelf dividers will help separate them all so that it's always easy to find the exact garment you're looking for. These dividers slide into place without any tools required, and they're made from high-quality steel that won't warp over time. They're designed to fit over practically any standard shelf, plus they're tall enough that you won't have to worry about your clothes sliding over their top.

38. A Set Of Reusable Shopping Bags That Hold Themselves Open While You Shop

Not only do you get four reusable grocery bags with each other, but these bags are double-stitched so that they can each hold over 50 pounds. The rods at the top allow them to stay open while you're shopping so that they're easy to fill, plus they're also removable depending on your preferences. You can also use these bags as carry-ons when traveling, and they're made with long handles so that you can easily carry them on your shoulder.

39. The Set Of Gardening Tools That Come With Their Own Organizing Tote Bag

Instead of carrying out your tools one by one, use this convenient gardening tool set that comes with its own convenient carrying and storage tote. This bag features extra pockets where you can easily store all your tools, and the tools that come with it are made from rust-resistant stainless steel. The handles are ergonomically designed for your comfort, plus each order comes with seven tools: one shovel, one mini rake, a trowel, cultivator, hand weeder, transplanting spade, and a pair of heavy-duty gloves.

40. A Lazy Susan With Raised Edges To Prevent Your Items From Sliding Off

Not only is it made with raised edges along the side that prevent your items from sliding off, but this two-tiered Lazy Susan is also great for storing spices and condiments in your kitchen, or even just office supplies on your desk. The non-skid surface on both tiers helps keep your items secure, and one Amazon reviewer even wrote that "this was SO easy to assemble; it took about 30 seconds and didn't require that I read any instructions." Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments.