Seriously Improve The Way You Organize Your Stuff With These 40 Innovative Products On Amazon

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From where I'm currently sitting, I can count not one, not two, but five spice bottles strewn haphazardly throughout my kitchen. And while I'm not usually one to point fingers, it's totally the result of my boyfriend cooking breakfast this morning. Luckily, when he cleans it up, it'll only take a minute — because I have found the most clever products on Amazon to organize all the stuff that adds to clutter.

For instance, the thing that solves the breakfast issue? A cute spice rack with pull-out drawers so that it's easy to see what spices you have — but why stop there? I can organize my whole space with a chic rotating makeup organizer that can hold all my makeup and hairsprays while I'm at it, or a knife block designed to fit right into my drawers. Soon enough, I'll have padded my living space with enough products to keep clutter at bay and make my home feel way more peaceful — and less chaotic.

So whether you're looking for a wall-mounted shower caddy or you're in the market for a pack of heavy-duty reusable twist ties, there are tons of smart inventions on Amazon that can help you organize your life.

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