These Suitcases Tell You If You're Over Weight Limit & That's Not Even The Coolest Feature


Whether you're flying to Paris or Omaha, there is nothing more annoying than packing only to find you have passed the weight limit. But now there is one brand that might be able to negate that stress. Shay Mitchell's travel accessories brand Béis has a rolling spinner suitcase that shows if you're over the weight limit. Which is pure genius and makes you wonder why all suitcases don't have the same life-saving tech.

Saying that the small scale is life-saving might seem dramatic. But if you have ever had to sprawl out on the airport floor and rearrange the contents of your bags in public, then you know how much stress this is going to nix from travel. And Mitchell knows travel. The actress might be known for her stint on Pretty Little Liars, but she is a jet setter at heart. Mitchell has a YouTube travel series and a travel hashtag called #SHAYCATION. So it's no wonder she decided to expand her interest into a travel accessories brand.

“After countless trips and #Shaycations, I realized that I wanted to create amazing, affordable pieces for travelers like myself and — in turn — everyone inspired to seek new places, meet new people and share the world," Mitchell shares on the Béis site.


Béis has a collection of weekend bags, backpacks, cases, and organizers, but the rolling hardside luggage is new. The scale is found on the suitcase's side handle, and it will turn red if your luggage weighs over 50 pounds. This will save you major money in excess baggage fees.

"There is nothing more annoying and embarrassing then showing up at the airport and having to open your suitcase in front of the whole world to pull stuff out and repack because you over-packed and didn’t realize it," Mitchell tells Bustle. "So, instead of forcing people to have to buy one of those annoying scales at home, that are impossible to use, I wanted to add a feature to the luggage to make it easy and simple. It goes to one of the biggest goals for all of our products: trying to make travel easier for people so they do it more."

Mitchell designed this suitcase while she was in transit at an airport, doodling the blueprint on an airplane cocktail napkin. "I travel a lot, so I am always thinking about features that I would want or I wished my old suitcases had. When I was doing research for this category, I went to so many stores and I couldn’t find anything that looked chic and had all the features that I wanted in one piece, even in the crazy expensive ones," Mitchell says. "It was very important to me to design something that had it all, even things that people wouldn’t expect or didn’t realize they needed."


While the weight scale is a standout feature of the luggage, that's not the only detail that makes it revolutionary. The case has 360-degree spinning wheels that will make rolling your suitcase across train platforms and city streets a total breeze. It also has an innovative retractable bag strap that will keep your duffel bag or purse safely attached to your suitcase. If you have ever rolled your case through the airport only to have your bag fall off with a heavy thud, you will know that this is a wise addition.


The luggage also comes with a built-in laundry bag called the "Dirt Bag," so you can keep your to-be-worn clothes separated. "It is so gross to have your dirty underwear sitting next to your clean clothes when you are traveling. I usually ended up taking the dry cleaning bags from hotel rooms to separate my dirty laundry. It just felt like an added benefit that every person would appreciate and could use," Mitchell shares.

It also has TSA-approved combination locks, a cushioned trolley handle so your hand doesn't hurt every time you lift your case, and compression straps to squeeze in all of your items. And for those days where you just need to over pack, the case has an expandable body that gives you a couple of extra inches.

The hard-shell suitcases comes in two different sizes, and they come in either black or beige. There is a 21-inch roller that will be great for a carry-on and costs $198. Then there is the 29-inch roller that can be checked in at the airport, which costs $258. You can get them at either or at Nordstrom.

If you're a frequent traveler and are constantly looking for products that will make your airport visits easier, then look no further than Béis' roller suitcases.