You Can Now Wear Rosie the Riveter's Actual Jumpsuit — Here's How

Cotton Inc. and fashion brand The Great have joined forces in honor of National Women’s History Month to create something that bridges the gap between strong women of the past, present, and future in a more tangible way than ever.

Rosie the Riveter was one of the OG strong, independent women and, as such, she stands as a national symbol for all. The Great has launched a Rosie-inspired authentic cotton jumpsuit that actually includes denim that was scoured from the original 1940s jumpsuits like that in the iconic poster. In a press release from the brand, the “Authentic cotton denim has been a uniform of sorts throughout history: the original Rosies during World War II, the rock-and-roll rebellion of the 1960s and casual Friday takeover in the ‘90s. Denim has empowered women in the workforce for decades and with the modern interpretation of the Rosie jumpsuit, we want women to channel that fearless determination.”

The capsule is launching alongside a campaign titled, “Cotton Makes Denim Strong. You Make It Powerful.” It features six “modern-day Rosies”: Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, founders of The Great; World Cup Champion, Carli Lloyd; famed metal artist, Barbie the Welder; Black Girls Code founder, Kimberly Bryant; and architecture thought-leader, Julia Gamolina.

Of the design’s incorporation of jumpsuits from history, the designers explained, “Each jumpsuit in the line includes denim from a vintage Rosie jumpsuit; connecting Rosies past with Rosies present, and beyond. We wanted to create a legacy with this design.” The jumpsuit itself is long-sleeved with a wide, cropped leg. With patch pockets and a belted waist, it’s exactly the look Rosie would have worn, re-imagined for the modern woman.

The limited-edition jumpsuit is available for purchase at The Great, as well as and retails for $350.