Why 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Will Like Kit Harington's New Show 'Gunpowder'

Robert Viglasky/HBO

The advertisements for HBO's Gunpowder feature Kit Harrington's melancholy face prominently in a clear attempt to get those who are missing Jon Sow on board for the new series. That, of course, and the fact that Harrington is an executive producer on the series and a real life direct descendent of the character he plays. But, should Game of Thrones fans watch Gunpowder? There are plenty of similarities if you need to see more from the King in the North, like, right now. Mild Episode 1 spoilers ahead.

Gunpowder is a three-episode long miniseries that takes place in the 1600s and tells the story of how a young nobleman named Robert Catesby acts against the throne in the events leading up to the Gunpowder Plot — aka Guy Fawkes' infamous failed assassination attempt that is celebrated yearly in England on the fifth of November. (Remember, remember.)

The tone is dry compared to the melodrama occurring in Westeros. It's a sleepy miniseries with a lot of talking and not a lot of big characters — which makes sense, as the series is based on real people and real events. Mark Gatiss leans towards camp in his role as an advisor to the Stuarts, and the reveal of Guy Fawkes is a welcome jolt of murderous energy, but other than that the characters are either even-keeled or understandably entrenched in the serious stakes of their dangerous world.

Still, diehard Game of Thrones fans thirsty for a fix of regal intrigue will find plenty to enjoy in this three part event. Yes, most of them are Kit Harrington related — but not all!

Jon Snow Has A Cute Hat

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After so many fur coats on Game of Thrones it's nice to see the actor don a new wardrobe. V For Vendetta fans remember the titular character wearing a like hat with his Guy Fawkes mask, but, in Guy Fawkes' time, the accessory was common amongst men of that class. It's a great hat, though.

Jon Snow Wants To Be A Good Dad

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Stranger Things 2 taught us that what we really want in our male heroes in 2017 is strong father figures. So the dynamic between Robert Catesby and his young son will warm any Game of Thrones fan's heart.

He Still Doesn't Smile

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Bless Harrington's heart. Not only did he choose this project that required him to keep his hair at Jon Snow length curls, but he's still not particularly cheerful. His character may not be a lot like Jon Snow, but he's just as worried and slightly sad all the time.

Religious Persecution Will Give You Season 5 Flashbacks

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At this moment in 17th Century history, Catholics were persecuted in England. Since the King of England was the head of the church, the religious movement was a little more direct, politically, than it was on Game of Thrones. Still, the torture and executions may remind you a bit of the High Sparrow and how his takeover of King's Landing went down.

The Royals Are Ridiculous

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The aforementioned Gatiss isn't quite Littlefinger or Varys, and the royal family isn't exactly the Lannisters or the Baratheons, but it's a little reminiscent — and the fact that the other characters are basically regular citizens make their lifestyle more outlandish.

It'll Remind You To Finally Watch The Leftovers

So, you're a Game of Thrones fantasy fan and you're watching this show. Liv Tyler shows up. "I love Arwen," you (a fantasy fan) think to yourself. "What else has she been up to lately? She was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a second, but what then?" Well, my friend, you're in luck. When you're done watching Gunpowder, you can check out The Leftovers, the best HBO series that not nearly enough people have seen.

The miniseries certainly isn't "the next Game of Thrones." You won't find any fan theories about how Catesby is a secret Stuart, or anything. Still, the fact that this actually happened makes its similarities to George R. R. Martin's world even more interesting — and, as always, it's good to see Harrington pouting it up on the small screen.