Is It OK To Order Food During A Snowstorm?

by Kiersten Hickman

If you are one of the fortunate (less fortunate?) ones to live in an environment where snow storm are common, then I’m sure you often think of all the ways to avoid going outside during these storms. Avoid going out to eat, grabbing food to go, etc. So the next option for dinner would be delivery… which, of course, seems cruel, given someone else has to be outside in order to bring your delicious food to your doorstep. So, you might be wondering: On a scale of 1-10, how OK is it to order delivery during a snow storm? Like, would someone just scream at you on the phone if you tried?

In hindsight, if a business is open during a snowstorm that usually does delivery, my guess is they probably are still trying to offer their services. But it really does depend on the roads and how safe it would be. Sure, it would be easy for you to order food for the evening with a few taps on your smartphone while you’re holed up in your apartment, but it’s not so easy for the delivery gal or guy. Because although your food was ordered through the internet, it is still delivered by human hands. That person has to bundle up, make sure your food stays warm, and get to your place safely.

Are you now second guessing if you should order food for delivery during a snowstorm? Before deciding on cooking ramen again, here are a few things to consider if you are craving for your favorite takeout food tonight.

Consider How Far You Are From The Restaurant

Although you potentially will throw a temper tantrum if you don’t get sushi from that one place three miles away, you may want to consider somewhere else during the snowstorm. Obviously the farther away it is, the longer the wait… but think about how much longer it will be during a snowstorm. Consider the restaurants that are closer to you to order from, because it will be faster to your doorstep and a way easier journey for the delivery person bringing you your food.

Find Out If They Are Open & Delivering

Once you’ve chosen where you want to order from, give that place a call. Make sure they are open during the snowstorm, and make sure they are delivering as well. That would be pretty devastating if you go to order food online and realize that you aren’t going to be getting it until the next day… so prepare in advanced.

Ask How Long The Wait Will Be

Be considerate of their time. If the delivery person is backed up because everyone else in your neighborhood discovered that this restaurant is delivering during the storm, then it may be a while until you get your food. Ask them how long it would take and take the delivery person’s work schedule into account.

Tip The Delivery Person Very Well

Say after all of that you are totally in the clear to place an order for delivery. Yay! But again, think about how hard that delivery person is working especially during a snowstorm. When they deliver your food, give them a generous tip — I'm talking over the standard 20 percent. As Yelp Eat24 CEO Mike Ghaffary tells Bustle, "We leave it up to restaurants to decide if they want to deliver in bad weather. Some hate it, but some feel it's their duty. If a restaurant is still open and delivery is available, feel free to order but you should definitely give your delivery guy a big tip for braving the extra cold temperatures. We see New Yorkers tip around 14 percent but in extreme weather, it's OK to tip more."

Tell them that you appreciate their work, and that you are very thankful that they are braving the storm so people like you can relax at home. Showing your appreciation can go a long way for a person, especially someone delivering food to others during a crazy storm, and it will be a win for you in the long run.