A Lot Of Oprah Fans Actually DON’T Want Her To Run For President & Here’s Why

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After Oprah Winfrey's incredibly inspiring acceptance speech at the Golden Globes Sunday night, social media lit up with people suggesting she should run for president of the United States. However, while she might be a compelling public speaker and all together inspiring human being, a lot of people don't think we need another person from Hollywood with no political experience taking over the White House. Here's why some people think Oprah shouldn't run for president.

Some, like Ira Madison III for The Daily Beast, argue that Oprah shouldn't run for the highest office because she would likely have to change her position on a lot of issues in order to appeal to a wide portion of the country. Others feel the media mogul doesn't have the necessary skills to do things like authorize missile strikes. There's also the idea of having another billionaire president, which some people think make her out of touch with what the average American needs.

The idea may have taken hold in Oprah's mind, however, as two of her close friends told CNN on Monday that she's "actively thinking" about running, although her best friend Gayle King has said Oprah will "never" run for president, and she'd even bet her first and second born children on it. And yet, people are getting a bit carried away after the Globes speech, with someone even updating Oprah's Wikipedia page to say she "basically" already announced her candidacy.

A lot of the people skeptical of an Oprah presidency note that why they love her as a TV personality, they don't exactly think presidency is a role she would be able to take on.

"I love Oprah and don't want her to run for President," CNN contributor Jeff Yang tweeted. "I like the Rock and don't want him to run for President. Not having to learn to govern on the fly should be a baseline for the next POTUS—as was the case for Obama, she's going to have a lot of immediate cleanup to do."

People have previously floated the idea that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson run for president. What initially began as a joke eventually led to Johnson telling Variety he'd "100% consider" running. Only, he had to wrap up a Jumanji sequel and a few other projects first.

While a lot of people don't think Oprah is fit to be president, apparently Trump himself once had faith in the TV host, even suggesting she run as his running mate in 2016. She responded by saying on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that if Trump ever formally extended the offer, she'd say, "Donald, I'm with her."

After the Golden Globes, Oprah said "I don't, I don't," when asked by Bloomberg if she planned to run in 2020. And according to a lot of people, that's for the best.

We Don't Need Another Celebrity President

A lot of Democrats criticized Republicans after the 2016 election for voting for a celebrity with no political experience, so people find it hypocritical that they'd want to elect Oprah.

Who Would Her Running Mate Be?

People are wary of who else would be coming to the White House for an Oprah presidency.

Her Speech Wasn't All About Politics

Oprah's Golden Globes speech was about a "new day" for women and the need to eradicate sexual harassment and assault and gender inequality in all industries. With all the talk of her potential presidency, that message may have been lost.

Oprah Doesn't Want To Run

More than anything, Oprah has said repeatedly she doesn't plan to run and wouldn't like to be president. Maybe we should take her at her word.

She's A Novice

Oprah's definitely skilled at giving amazing speeches, but there's no denying she's a political novice who would need to do a lot of learning on the job.

Being Beloved Isn't Enough

She might be beloved by many people, but that doesn't mean Oprah is qualified to rule the free world.

What Would An Oprah Presidency Look Like?

Some people joked that in Oprah's America, each day would start with 15 minutes of medication and you'd have to state your intentions when applying for government funded programs.

Presidential Races Aren't For Ratings

Some people think a lot of media outlets are behind an Oprah presidential campaign because it would draw big ratings.

She's Got No Foreign Policy Experience

Daily Wire contributor Harry Khachatrian joked that Oprah wouldn't be able to solve the conflict between Israel and Palestine "by giving everyone in the audience a free Honda Civic."

We Have To Learn From Trump's Presidency

"Oprah's speech was phenomenal and I adore her," tweeted writer Michael Arceneaux, "but the fact that it sparked talk of her running for President is concerning. Folks don't learn."

There's More Important Things To Focus On

Instead of focusing on Oprah running for office, we should be talking about midterm elections and voter suppression, which greatly affect our political climate.

There Are Other Inspiring Women Who Should Run

Here are seven women who could run for president in 2020 and do an incredible job.

It's understandable that people gravitate to Oprah — she's empowered a lot of women and marginalized people, and on top of that she's taught us some great recipes and self-care rituals. But we can't expect her to fix the current political state of our country. Even Oprah has her limits.