Sigma Is Offering 30% Off Site Wide For Labor Day

Sigma Beauty/Instagram

Whether you are sitting at home with your feet kicked up or hitting the pool or beach, Labor Day is the holiday when most say goodbye to summer. However, it's also a holiday full of sales, and Sigma Beauty's Labor Day sale is offering 30% off site. If you were looking for a bright side to saying goodbye to warm weather, this sale may just be it.

According to the Sigma Beauty website, the brand's 30% off deal extends to its entire site with only a few exceptions. The company, famous for its brushes, isn't just giving a discount, though. With every order, the brand is also sending customers a mini E05 Eyeliner brush. While you may be concerned that you need to spend a minimum amount to qualify for the Labor Day discount, don't be. There is no required amount for that clutch 30% discount to kick in.

Of course, if you want to shop Sigma Beauty's Labor Day sale, you'll want to move fast. With the holiday nearly over and the sale coming to a close on Sept. 3, you need to grab your most sought after items as soon as you can. Grab your phone, your computer, or your iPad as you chill for Labor Day and do some shopping.

The 30% off sale at Sigma is also incredibly easy to shop. Simply add the items you want to your bag, use code LABOR30 at checkout, and you've got some seriously good deals coming your way.

While the deal is obviously the biggest incentive to shop the Labor Day weekend sale, there's also the reputation that Sigma has developed as one of the best and most affordable brush brands on the market. One of the feathers in Sigma's cap is its two year warranty. When you purchase a brush, cleaning tool, or storage unit from the brand, the warranty is included, and if a manufacturer's error occurs, the brand will replace the item at no cost at its discretion.

In addition to the warranty, there's the brands popularity on social media. YouTube beauty gurus have long been fans of the brush brand. Fans of Jackie Aina, Jaclyn Hill, and Tati Westbrook have seen the influencers recommend and use brushes from the brand. In fact, both Aina and Hill have collaborated with the brand in the past to release limited edition collections.

If you need to restock some makeup brushes or want to try Sigma for the first time, the brand's 30% off Labor Day sale is a great opportunity. If you need some tips on what to shop, here are some of the best deals.

1. Skincare Brush Set

Yes, Sigma's makeup brushes are some of its most well-known products, but have you tried the skincare set yet? If you love everything from serums to masks, this collection of brushes will help make sure that your skin care items stay sanitary by not contaminating them with your hands. The same is true of your face. By using these brushes, you avoid transferring the bacteria on your hands to your face.

2. Eyeshadow Blending Set

From getting the perfect transition shade blending to perfection to laying down pigment on the lid, Sigma's eye brushes can help you create any makeup look you want. With this set retailing for under $50, you can have the best eyeshadow on the block.

3. Complexion Brush Set

If you've got your eyeshadow brushes already, Sigma's collection of complexion tools are equally as impressive. From applying foundation to blending out concealer, this set for just over $30 is a must-have.

4. Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette

Sure, Sigma's brushes are what the brand is known for, but don't sleep on its makeup. The Sigma Warm Neutrals Volume 2 palette features well, great neutrals. From simple browns to shimmers that'll pack a punch, if you're looking for versatility, grab this palette.

5. Essential Brush Kit

When Sigma has a sale, it's time to stock up, and the brand's Essentials Kit is a total steal. Ringing in at under $115 during the event, you'll get everything from foundations brushes to liner tools.

If you want to shop Sigma Beauty's Labor Day sale, head to the brand's website now and save some serious cash.