Simone Biles Gets Hilariously Pranked By Her 'DWTS' Partner

by Mary Kate McGrath
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Simone Biles may have five Olympic medals, but these days she's looking to win a different kind of trophy. The gymnast is currently competing on Dancing With The Stars and is hoping to walk away the winner of the show's 24th season. On Monday, she stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to catch up and chat about her time on the reality series. In typical Ellen DeGeneres fashion, shenanigans were planned for the appearance, and Biles' DWTS partner Sasha Farber surprised her by jumping out from under a table. While it was quite a shock for everyone, she handled the scare in typical Simone fashion — by cracking up laughing.

DeGeneres set the prank up well, first asking Biles what it was like to have Farber as a dancing partner. "He's amazing. He has a good sense of humor. He's funny. He's very patient," she told the host. "But then once it's time to do the dance it's down to business." Nodding, DeGeneres oh-so-casually brought up the instructor's tendency to prank.

"Yes," Biles said. "But he hasn't pranked me yet."

Of course, the athlete spoke too soon, because then Farber popped out from under a nearby table. The stunt took her by surprise, but he dashed away before she had even finished letting out a scream. It was big shock to the system, but Biles, always good sport, thought the whole thing was hilarious. "Oh, my gosh! He gave me a heart attack," she said, looking around for Farber. "Where is he? He just left? Oh my god!"

The DWTS coach's pranking prowess wasn't the only the topic of discussion, and before the scare Biles and DeGeneres caught up on life since the whirlwind of the Olympic games. Turns out Biles, who is now 20 years old, is hoping to move out of her parents' home and get started on adult life. That is, after she figures out how to cook, do laundry, and conquer her fear of the dark.

As a bit of a nicer surprise, DeGeneres is also helping the gymnast celebrate her upcoming 21st birthday in style. After Biles mentioned her brother wanted to take her to Vegas to see a show, ideally Magic Mike, the host surprised her with VIP tickets to see the show at the Hard Rock Hotel. Hopefully, the star will be celebrating her win on DWTS on the trip as well, and will be bringing the Mirror Ball Trophy along to the city of lights.

Even without the pranks and presents on the show, the world needs more TV appearances from Simone Biles. It's only been months since the Olympic Games, I already missed seeing the gymnast's positive attitude and humor everywhere.