This Underwear Can Tell If You're Feeling Cold — And Then Turn Up The Thermostat In Your House

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to reduce stress and develop a more meaningful relationship with your undergarments, then this news will be pretty up your alley. Skiin's smart bra and underwear can tell if you're stressed out by using bio-tracking technology. But that's not all. You can even use them to control things in your home. Think of Skiin like Alexa for your underwear. Mashable reported that smart underwear company Myant has just opened up pre-orders for its new product, Skiin, a line of tech-savvy underwear and bras that can monitor your body's physical and mental activity. These undergarments can also control things like your thermostat and, potentially, your Spotify playlist.

Basically, just by putting on your underwear you can reap the benefits of having a personal assistant and wellness coach that will monitor everything from how much water you're drinking to your posture to your stress levels and mood, according to the Skiin website. If your body temperature fluctuates throughout the day or night, your Skiin skivvies can coordinate with your Nest smart device to adjust the temperature in your home, which could be super helpful if you have night sweats. Skiin makes your underwear so magical with a removable bio-tracker module that slips into a band on your Skiin underwear or bra. All you have to do is charge the wireless module every 24 hours — just make sure to remove it before throwing your undies in the wash.

"Our machine learning algorithms constantly adapt to users’ lifestyle and evolve accordingly," Skiin explained on its website. "This technology enables users to have a better insight into their physical and emotional state leading to a better assessment of the quantified self."

If you're into controlling your home and tracking your health and wellness via your intimates, you can pre order these smartypants now. A four-pack of undies, which will eventually cost $499, is on sale for $279 for early birds. You'll pay the same for pre-ordering four bras, which will ship in summer 2018. If underwear that cost more than your car payment isn't in your budget, you can get a Spire Health Tag to hide in any of your clothes for less. Spire is also developing a smart swimsuit in conjunction with While Spire monitors many of the same health and wellness stats as Skiin, it won't be able to connect to other smart devices to control your home.

If you're wondering if it's safe to have electronics in your underpants, in its FAQs Skiin noted that the wearable emits energy at a rate approximately 1,000 times lower than your cell phone or a typical wi-fi router. And, according to an article in science and engineering magazine IEEE Pulse, there's little risk associated with this type of wearable. "When it comes to wearable devices, most scientists, engineers, and health care agencies take the stance that they emit such low levels of EM radiation (typically two orders of magnitude less than a cell phone) that they pose no health risks at all," Leslie Mertz reported.

However, Gert Cauwenberghs, a professor of bioengineering at the University of San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, told Mertz that because the long-term effect of electromagnetic fields on the body is not conclusive, wearable technology should continue to be monitored and studied.

Perhaps if Carrie Bradshaw's underwear had been a little bit smarter when she was in that fashion show on Sex and the City, they would have warned her that she was about to break a heel and trip. Maybe they even could have fixed her heel. In some cases, notifications can be a good thing.

If you always have to have the latest gadget, then you're probably going to want to raise your underwear's IQ this summer with Skiin. If you're like me, and you like to control things yourself, having your underwear automatically adjust your thermostat or queue up a Spotify playlist based on your mood, as Mashable reported being in the works, could feel a little creepy and invasive. Kind of like when you just think about something and it suddenly shows up as an ad in your Instagram feed.

Pretty much the only thing Skiin *doesn't* appear to do is read your mind. That's what social media is for. Welcome to the future, my friendlies, where literally nothing is sacred or private. Not even underwear. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is really up to you.