Smashbox's Makeup Applicator Is Meant To Work Like A Finger

by Augusta Statz

While makeup tools aren’t necessarily the most exciting part of a beauty collection, they certainly are key. The types of applicators you’re using will effect how products lay on the skin, so you’ve got to choose wisely. Smashbox Cosmetics created a makeup applicator that works like a finger, which could be the answer to some of your daily regimen dilemmas.

According to the website, the Gel-Cushion Applicator is designed to blend primers and liquid products. What makes it extra special is the fact that it has grooves that mimic fingerprints, and the textured surface is great for picking up product to make sure it doesn’t go to waste.

Gel-Cushion Applicator, $20, Smashbox Cosmetics

Before investing $20 to own this finger-like utensil, you may be wondering, what makes this different than actually sing your fingers. According to the product description on the Smashbox website, this tool is a great alternative for your fingers if you’ve just gotten a fresh manicure. Ever tried doing your makeup with long fingernails? The struggle is real.

Makeup artist Rebecca Restrepo told Cosmopolitan, "Fingers might drag on more mature skin a bit more, and tools can take longer as the application is more precise — so it depends really on how much time you have and whether you want a quick and effortless look or something that feels a little more 'done.'"

This finger-like applicator could be the perfect combo. It won’t drag like your hands might while still helping to create a natural look, and it will allow for precise application if and when you need it.

Beyond just the way your makeup may appear once applied, there's also the sanitation issue with fingers vs. other applicators. No matter what type of utensils you're using, keeping them clean is crucial. Smashbox recommends cleansing the gel-cushion applicator after each use with a mild soap and warm water.

The Photo Filter Gel Cushion Applicator, $20, Smashbox Cosmetics

This seems like other silicone makeup applicators at first glance, but its textured surface makes it a stand-out. The Gel-Cushion Applicator is available for purchase on the Smashbox website. You can pick one up for a cool $20 — the same price as a BeautyBlender.

Because of this unique grooved aspect, this claims to deliver a smooth, no-mess application and to use less product than other sponges because it won't absorb your foundation, concealer or other liquid items. Plus, you won't deliver oils from your hands to your face throughout the glam process — so, this really seems like an all-round great invention.

If you're interested in swapping this finger-like gel-cushion for your actual appendages — it's available for purchase on the Smashbox Cosmetics website. Why not give it a go, you brave beauty lover, you?!