These Pickled Veggie Snacks Come In Pouches So You Can Eat Pickles ANYWHERE

by Lia Beck
Emma Lord/Bustle

Pickles usually aren't the easiest snack to eat on the go. While you can buy one of those pickles in a pouch, you'll be left with a bunch of pickle juice and an unwieldy whole pickle, and who wants to deal with that. Well, one company is here to help anyone who wants pickles as a snack, but doesn't want to make a mess and/or deal with the awkwardness of eating a whole dill pickle in public as an adult.

Oh Snap! Pickling Co. makes a wide variety of pickles without brine that come in convenient pouches. At long last, pickle lovers can toss a pack of pickles into their bags without worrying about pickle juice leaking everywhere and without having to get too much pickle juice on their hands when eating them. The Oh Snap! pickles are available as whole pickles — dill or spicy — as well as cut up slices — also in dill or spicy — called Dilly Bites and Hottie Bites. The brand also makes pickled green beans (Cool Beans), pickled snap peas (Pretty Peas), pickled carrots (Carrot Cuties), and pickled jalapeños (Hoppin' Jalapeños).

The pickles are made with non-GMO produce and are gluten-free. They're meant to be refrigerated, but the Oh Snap! website notes that they "can be out of refrigeration for a few hours without a noticeable texture change." And while they are great for snacking, you can also use them for sandwiches, salads, or whatever else your heart desires.

Bustle lifestyle editor Emma Lord recently spotted the pickles at Duane Reade and picked up a couple of packages. She had this to say about her experience: "It really is brine-less!! I took mine to the airport ate it in full view of god and all the other United passengers in the terminal." She added, "The carrot one was unexpectedly delicious, and I don't even like carrots."

The pickles are also available at Walgreens, Target, and more. You can find them at a store near you here. Walmart has them listed as $4.90 per pack, but since online they're generally available in cases, it's hard to comparison shop without going into a physical store where the price will probably vary.

While Oh Snap! pickles are very convenient, if you are someone who wants to eat pickles on the go all the time, then you'd be better off buying a bigger jar of pickles and putting them into a container you already own to reduce waste and save money. Just be careful when straining the liquid so you don't have any leaks. You might be self-conscious about having potentially smelly container of pickles in your bag that could pop open at any moment is all.

Regardless of if you buy a pack of brine-free pickles or pack some gherkins in a baggie, please be careful with where you choose to consume these vinegary treats. On public transportation? No. In the small conference room? No. While in a doctor's office waiting room? Heck to the no. Anywhere well ventilated or in the presence of your enemies? Go for it.