Watch 'SNL's Michael Che Learn What It's Like To Be A Woman In 2017

Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" always tackles the latest news of the week with funny quips and one-liners. But in the Dec. 9 episode, co-anchor Michael Che took viewers on an investigative journey: Che went undercover as a white woman on SNL's "Weekend Update." The filmed report was called "A White Woman Named Gretchen" and that is the character Che dressed up as, multiple scarves and all. During "Weekend Update," he told the audience that he wanted to understand why he had received so much mail from "super liberal white women" about his jokes, so he wanted to "try to see things from their perspectives,” he says.

The result is a funny, yet eye-opening sketch in which Che does not wear any special makeup, but he does everything he can to inhibit the the mindset of the "liberal white woman." As Gretchen, he wears a blonde wig, reads a book by Lena Dunham and the Huffington Post, and went on Yelp, before heading out for what he called the ultimate test: Sunday brunch. He seems to ace the test as Gretchen contributes to a conversation about Meghan Markle's engagement to Prince Harry. “I don’t mean no disrespect — I just feel like the monarchy is patriarchy," Gretchen says. Later, Gretchen attends a dinner party, where she gets into a argument about male privilege and toxic masculinity, and then she deals with annoying manspreaders on the New York City subway. “I learned a lot,” Che says at the end of the report. “They want the same thing: equality, respect, and wine in the daytime with no shame.”

The sketch was both a parody of a "liberal white woman" stereotype and a modern take on Eddie Murphy's classic 1984 SNL sketch "White Like Me."

The "Weekend Update" report was definitely a highlight during the episode, which was hosted by James Franco, and Twitter had a lot to say about it.

This Could Be A New 'SNL' Series

It could be a really good one, too.

A New Sunday Brunch Friend

One user wanted to have a Sunday Funday with Che's character.

A New Appreciation For Che

Some viewers saw Che in a new light.

Credit To Eddie Murphy

One user wanted to make sure credit was given where it is due — to Murphy, who did a similar sketch in 1984.

Gretchen Gets A Stamp Of Approval

It's definitely a great impression.

Highlight Of The Night

The sketch made the episode worthwhile for some fans.


Other fans found themselves wanting to BFFs with Gretchen.

When A Real Woman Named Gretchen Relates

Laughing emoji indeed.

A New Catchphrase?

"Word to Lululemon" seems to be catching on.

Going Viral

This Twitter user predicted that "A Liberal White Woman Named Gretchen" would be a sketch that would go viral.

More Gretchen, Please

"A White Woman Named Gretchen" had many Twitter fans clamoring for more of the character and hoping that she'll becoming a recurring character on the show. If only we could be so lucky — just imagine how many other eye-opening adventures Gretchen could go on. Perhaps a few women of color could be invited to the next Sunday brunch?

Watch the full sketch in the video below and see it for yourself.

The response is clear: Gretchen is a hit and we need more of her on SNL, pronto. Preferably if Sunday brunch is involved.