You Can Buy Oat Milk Ice Cream Now & It Sounds Delicious

So Delicious

There are so many milks in the dairy aisle these days that cows are outnumbered by nuts. And now because these dairy-free milk alternatives have been such a success in our cereals and coffee, the ice cream case is making room. Sorbet has scooted over to welcome non-dairy ice creams with creamy bases made from almond milk and coconut milk and soy milk. But now oat milk ice cream has hit the freezer section and that stampede you hear is me and all my sensitive-stomached friends galloping to the grocery store.

Oat milk is like coffee shop gold. Even those who would take whole milk are wooed by the trendiness of milked oats lightening their dark roast and filling their lattes. Because this alternative became such a craze in 2018, there was an actual oat milk shortage that rocked us. Wipe your worried tears because the oats are back and churning into dairy free ice cream flavors and filling our freezers.

News of oat milk ice cream came to the internet's attention when it was reported by Refinery9 on March 6. Dairy-free company So Delicious is behind the three new oat milk based flavors taking over the ice cream freezer at grocery stores nationwide, and will retail for a suggested price of $5.49 per pint, Refinery29 reports.

So Delicious has been making sure that the lactose intolerant inflicted aren't excluded from dessert. Their frozen desserts have multiple dairy-free bases made from cashew milk, almond milk, coconut milk and soy milk. And now the non-dairy bases welcome oat milk to the crew. Now with five alternatives for "ice cream", So Delicious has basically assembled the boy band of frozen desserts together. There's an alternative for every diet. And together, it's enough to flip your (ice cream) lid over over.

There are three flavors with this oat milk base, each equally drool worthy. Caramel Apple Crumble is described as, "apple, cinnamon and brown sugar combine with a caramel swirl in creamy oatmilk frozen dessert." Basically a pie in a pint. The next flavor is a play on the oatmeal cookie. The flavor, called Oatmeal Cookie, features oatmeal cookie dough and brown sugar. The final flavor is Peanut Butter and Raspberry which blends smooth peanut butter and raspberries in the creamy oat milk base for spoonfuls of your childhood favorite lunch.

You can't go wrong with any flavor you put in your cart. Each oat milk frozen dessert is here to make you feel more than included at the sundae bar with anything but bland melting mush to make up for your intolerance. No matter how sensitive your stomach is, your ice cream bowl will be exploding with flavors that won't make you ... you know.

So Delicious Dairy-Free doesn't stop at frozen desserts. In addition to its pints of oat milk "ice creams" there is a selection of mousse, dairy free cheese shreds for all your taco purposes, yogurt alternatives, milks, and creamers. If you're lactose intolerant or notice a sensitivity around dairy products, you can still enjoy all your favorite creamy meals without the stomach ache. Excuse me now as I run to the nearest store to stock up on all three pints before the weekend.