Every Piece In Sofia Vergara's New Denim Line At Walmart Costs Less Than $40

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When you want to dress down, jeans are almost always an immediate choice. But not all jeans are made equal. When a good pair comes along that's affordable, you know to scoop them right up — and these jeans fit the bill. Sofia Vergara's Sofia Jeans line (offers sizes 0-20 in bottoms and XS-XXXL in tops) has officially launched at and they may become your favorite pair of denim on casual Fridays.

Comfort and fit will take over when all else that is extra fails you in your wardrobe. Vergara's got you covered with her recently launched Sofia Jeans collection, being sold exclusively online at The collection features an assortment of almost 100 items consisting of jeans (obvi), denim jackets, and graphic tees all $40 and under. Denim on denim is seriously trending right now, so you may want to get on this launch fast.

Vergara spoke to Bustle in an exclusive interview about how she wanted to ensure that she didn't sacrifice quality when designing the collection for everyday people.

“I thought that it was great to figure out how to be able to make a collection that looked very high end with materials that look like they were very expensive, but at affordable prices, "she told Bustle exclusively, "and to make sure, most of all, that we were getting a perfect fit.”

Courtesy of Brand

The styles of the jeans in the collection are actually named after the women in Vegara's family. Each style is created for the named woman's body type, helping Vergara determine which styles would suit different bodies.

“I wanted to show that these jeans were for real women, women from all different sizes and ages,” she told Bustle. “I mean, who better than my family. I have cousins that are tall, short, skinny, voluptuous. I just want to create jeans that all of them can wear too.”

Please say it louder for the people in the back, Sofia.

One can never have too much denim in their wardrobe, and this collection gives you a plethora of choices when you have ~nothing to wear~ days. If you're ready to dive into a denim heaven, here are some of the best picks.

Cuffed Straight High Waist Jean

These cuffed straight legged high waisted jeans are just right to go from day to night. Not to mention, these jeans are made of stretchy denim, so you no wiggle dance necessary.

Side Stripe Mid Rise Ankle Jean

You deserve a new white pair of jeans after marinara or ketchup may have had its way with your old pair. Let your replacement be these skinny side stripe mid rises that'll give all of your ankle booties their moment to shine.

Denim Jacket

Any denim lover will probably be sure that if their jeans are dark wash, you better bet your bottom dollar they'll be in search of a dark wash denim jacket to match. This one from the Sofia Jeans collection ensures your arms move with you in its stretchy denim fabric while staying whimsical with an embroidered eye detail on the back.

Stretch Knit Denim Jogger

Not only does Vergara offer everyday jeans, but also these cute medium indigo wash of denim joggers. You can easily pair these with pumps like the photo or rock your favorite pair of white sneaks.

High Waist Flare Jean

Skinny jeans are having their moment, but so are the '70s and the flare jeans that came out of said era. Bring the past to the present with these modern flare pair that button down the front and make your legs go on for days.

Mid Rise Ankle Jean

Freshen up your wardrobe with a pair of pinstripe mid rise jeans. These jeans are simple yet buildable, making them ideal for almost any occasion.

Everyone's always in search for a new good pair of jeans that you never want to replace, but this collection proves there's a pair of jeans to meld to your body no matter what shape it is.