Some Of George Michael's Last Words To Fans Were An Excited Announcement Of His Last Project

Stu Forster/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Iconic British pop singer George Michael died this week, leaving behind a legion of loyal fans and one final piece of artwork to share with them. Some of George Michael's last words to fans were an excited teaser of the last project he worked on before his death, and it should be a helpful consolation for their grieving process when the project comes out.

Michael wasn't big on social media, but he did have an active Instagram account, where he left one of his last messages to his dedicated fans. At the time of his death, Michael was in the midst of creating a documentary project called Freedom about the making of his album Listening Without Prejudice Vol. 1. The Insta post, written by his management team, teased the upcoming film and rerelease of the album with a black and white picture of a huge, ecstatic crowd that appears to be from the time the album came out in 1990.

"George Michael is busy putting the finishing touches to his special documentary film ‘Freedom,’" reads the post. "He has discovered some incredible, unseen archive footage and is shooting additional interviews for the project so the film will now air in March 2017. It promises to be a real treat for fans!" The touching post is a reminder that Michael was passionate and hard-working right up until the end of his life, and fans can take solace in the fact that they will get one more piece of Michael's art to round out his legacy.

The post came just a few weeks before the announcement of Michael's death and mentioned nothing about the circumstances surrounding his health at the time. On Dec. 25 — the day his death was announced — those circumstances remain unknown. Instead, his publicist wrote that he "passed away peacefully" sometime around Christmas. Since fans heard little about his health up until that point, the possibility that he didn't suffer is incredibly comforting. More details could potentially be released in the future.

His long-lasting fame withstanding, Michael was actually a pretty private guy. It makes total sense that his last social media message to fans focused solely on his art — the main passion of his life — rather than his personal life. That creativity was the part of himself that he wanted to share with the world, and the millions of fans across the world are grateful that he did so while he had the chance.