Somehow These 37 Massively Popular Products On Amazon Are Under-$20

Little surprises make life worth living. And, when it comes to products, the sweetest surprise of all is scoring an incredible find that is super affordable. Somehow, these massively popular products on Amazon are under $20. You could say their amazing price tags are a major part of their popularity, but there's so much more to them than that: these items are so coveted because they work — as in, really work — so much better than similar products.

As usual, this list has genius products for everyone — including everyone on your gift-giving list. Beauty lovers who also love a bargain will find an incredibly popular loose bentonite clay that can be transformed into pore-cleaning body and facial treatments, a vegan dry shampoo that won't leave white residue behind in dark hair, and an intense lip balm made with SPF 25 protection.

Meanwhile, fashionistas will flip over the perfect T-shirt, the perfect pair of stretchy leggings, and the perfect swinging casual dress — all great quality, and all extremely affordable.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Expect to find everything from home gadgets to cleaning tools to random, incredibly useful items you never thought you needed (like an innovative condiment fork that attaches to that jar of pickles).

One thing you won't find on this list: a single item that costs you more than $20.


A Garbage Can That Keeps Your Car Spotless

If your car is one of the first places to accumulate major clutter, solve that dilemma with this one car garbage can, which attaches to the back of seats with an adjustable strap. The waterproof can can hold up to 2 gallons and comes with 20 liners that are simple to swap out.


An Eco-Friendly Bamboo Straw To Help Kick Plastic To The Curb

Join the anti-plastic revolution without making sacrifices when it comes to straws — these eco-friendly bamboo straws offer all of the benefits you're used to, without changing the taste of your beverage. These plant-based straws are biodegradable and come in a pack of 10, with various sizes for all types of drinks and a special cleaning brush.


This Selfie Light And Cell Phone Holder For The Perfect Selfie Each Time

The perfect selfie is all about the perfect lighting. And you'll never have to search high and low for good light when you have this selfie light, which features a sturdy cell phone holder that can be used horizontally or vertically. Its light has three modes and 10 adjustable brightness settings. It comes in three colors (white, black, or pink) and has a flexible gooseneck with a USB charger.


The Casual Swinging Dress Made From Soft Jersey Fabric

On those days when you just want to throw on something, look put-together, and not think so hard about it all, this is the swinging casual dress that will do just the trick. This soft jersey knee-length dress is sleeveless, has fabric that drapes comfortably around the body, and comes in seven color and print options, including stripes.

  • Available sizes: XS-XXL


A Collapsible Popcorn Maker That Doubles As A Serving Bowl

This silicone popcorn maker leaves no kernel unpopped and pops up to 15 cups in one go. It has convenient handles, doubles as a serving bowl, and comes in nine colors. But the best part about this popcorn maker that makes it stand out above all others is that it collapses flat, which means no worrying about how and where to store it.


These Chilling Stones That Keep Drinks Cold Without Diluting Them

A perfectly chilled drink is almost always a great thing — but things get complicated when all of that ice dilutes the taste of your beverage. These chilling stones, which comes in a set of nine in their own velvet carrying pouch, keep drinks cold and delicious without affecting their taste at all. Store the natural soapstone cubes in your freezer and use them any time, without worrying about mess.


The Soap Dish And Holder That Allows For Air Flow

This airy soap dish and holder (which can also be trimmed to fit inside of soap dishes) allows for air flow so that your soap doesn't drip and get used up so fast (or stain your tub). It's free of chemicals, comes in a number of colors, and will extend the life of your soap and save you money.


This Perfect Pair Of Mid-Rise Leggings Made With Moisture-Wicking Fabric

These full-length, mid-rise leggings are comfortable, stretchy, and perfect for all activities. They feature moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool, a wide waistband, and a reflective logo on the back to keep you safe on night runs. They come in six colors: black, navy, burgundy, dark olive, charcoal heather, and grey camo.

  • Available sizes: XS-XXL


These V-Neck T-Shirts That Feel So Soft

Any and all gripes you may have about not being able to find the perfect T-shirt have just been resolved in this one fantastic shirt — and the cherry on top is that you'll get two V-neck T-shirts for less than $20. These shirts are made from a stretchy and lightweight cotton blend, with a long (but not too long) hip-length hemline and a choice of more than 30 color combinations.

  • Available sizes: XS-XXL


A Genius Water Bottle With A Storage Compartment For Your Keys

Go for a run or a hike and never worry about where to stash your keys and cards — because they fit right inside of this bottle. The unique 24-ounce water bottle has a special storage compartment and one simple button you can press to take a drink with one hand. Its leak- and spill-proof lid keeps your car, counters, and your clothes dry and the dishwasher-friendly bottle has a wide enough mouth to fit ice cubes.


The Two-Compartment Omelette Maker To Whip Up Fast, Mess-Free Breakfasts

Forget about scrubbing frying pans plagued by caked-on food. This omelette maker features side-by-side compartments that allow you to quickly make two omelettes fast. The plug-in device has non-stick plates and doesn't require flipping. It comes in three colors, wipes down like a dream, and makes fluffy, delicious omelettes every time.


These Pet Groomer Gloves That Handle Shedding While Giving Your Pet A Soothing Massage

If your dog or cat runs the other way when you try to brush them, these grooming gloves will change the game. Each glove features 255 silicone tips that gently shake loose fur and hair off while providing a soothing massage. The gloves are one size but have an adjustable wrist strap with breathable mesh cloth.


This Wide Mason Jar Lid With A Spill-Free Spout For Easy Pouring

Mason jars are excellent for storing ingredients and leftovers, but their lids, which can get rusty, leave a lot to be desired if you plan on pouring from those jars. These mason jar lids are wide enough to fit over jars and have spill-proof spouts so you can easily measure out the amount of sugar, salt, or oats you need for your recipe.


A Delicious Sesame Seasoning That You Can Use In So Many Recipes

This super popular sesame seasoning by Trader Joe's is lovingly referred to as the "everything bagel" seasoning, but it's so much more. Sprinkle a bit on cream cheese, eggs, and even salads to boost their zest. Its ingredients include a thoughtful blend of sesame seeds, sea salt flakes, dried minced garlic, dried minced onion, black sesame seeds, and poppy seeds.


A Cute Crossbody Bag With RFID-Protected Card Slots

Not only is this crossbody bag all kinds of cute (and it comes in more than 30 colors/print combos), but it couldn't be more functional. The perfect travel and everyday bag comes equipped with RFID-protected card slots to protect your ID and bank cards from thieves. The front flap stays secure with magnets and it is crafted from vegan leather.


The Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet For One-Pot Meals

Cook up easy one-pot dinners in this one amazing cast iron skillet, which measures 10.25 inches and comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil and ready for your stove or oven. More than 15,000 reviewers rave about this skillet, and one reviewer wrote: "I love this skillet! I've used it on the stove:gas and electric(on glass tops do not drag this skillet on it, it will scratch the glass) as well as over fire outdoors. I've owned it for 8 months now and it still looks as new as it did 8 months ago."


This Jar Opener For Stubborn Lids That You Can Hide Under A Shelf

Open stubborn jar lids with ease when you install this smart, functional jar opener to the tops of cabinets. The opener works on all lids, including tamper-proof and factory-sealed lids, and you can install it peel-and-stick adhesives and screws (which are included). Conceal it under a cabinet or shelf and it will take up absolutely no precious counter space.


A Condiment Fork That Attaches To Jars And Keeps Silverware Clean

No need to pull out a clean fork every time you want to grab a pickle or olives from a jar. This stainless steel condiment fork comes attached to a sturdy band and holster that stays in place along the rim of jars so that it's always there when you need it. The fork has prongs that secure condiments with ease, and it's dishwasher-safe.


The Cooling Towel For Workouts And Hot Days That Stays Cold For Three Hours

Whether you've just finished up an intense workout or are spending time in the great outdoors when temperatures have soared, take this cooling towel along with you and experience instant relief when it reduces your body temperature by 30 degrees. The towel, which provides UPF 50 sun protection, comes in four sizes and more than 15 colors, with a convenient carrying pouch and carabiner clip.


This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker With Crystal-Clear Sound

Take this portable Bluetooth speaker with you anywhere — it's waterproof and features both a suction cup and strong hook, so you have options about how and where to store it. The speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and will run for a full six hours — delivering sharp, clear sound — before requiring a charge.


An Antiperspirant Hand Lotion That Keeps Sweat Away

If sweaty hands are a concern, this is the anti-perspirant hand lotion that more than 1,000 reviewers say curbs sweat and makes hands feel soft and dry. The non-greasy lotion is recommended by dermatologists to help with excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis and it contains natural ingredients like eucalpytus oil that keep hands free of sweat for long periods of time.


These Ultra Comfortable Flip Flops That Can Handle Getting Caught In The Rain

Flip flops are the ultimate casual warm weather footwear, but most pairs don't stand much of a chance when they're up against rain. These sturdy flip flops, which boast more than 7,000 reviews, dry fast after they get wet and are super comfy, thanks to top sole cushions that offer a pampering pillow-like feeling. The flip flops come in a variety of sizes and more than 40 colors and prints.


The Naturally Whitening Charcoal Toothbrush For A Brighter Smile

Brighten and whiten (and clean!) teeth without a single chemical when you swap your traditional toothbrush for this charcoal toothbrush, designed with soft bristles made from natural activated charcoal. These brushes have slender heads that make it easier to reach every crevice of your mouth to remove plague and food particles and really freshen breath.


An Organic Balm That Helps You Breathe Better When You're Feeling Sick

When your nose or chest feels stuffy and you can't breathe comfortably, find immediate relief by reaching for this natural congestion soothing balm, which contains a blend of ingredients that will open up airway passages and soothe your aching head. The chemical-free topical treatment is made with organic ginger, organic eucalyptus, organic plantain, organic peppermint, and other ingredients and works wonders when placed on your temple, forehead, and upper lip.


This Dry Shampoo Made For Dark Hair

It isn't easy finding a dry shampoo that works well and won't leave a white cast behind in brunette hair. This dry shampoo removes oil and residue with natural ingredients that include activated coconut charcoal, rice powder, and kaolin clay. And it freshens up dull hair with a soothing scent made up of lavender, geranium, and peppermint oils. And no white cast to be found, either.


These Wire Hiders That Reduce Clutter And Can Be Mounted To Walls

No matter what you do to fancy up your place, a bunch of loose wires and cables can make any room in your home look cluttered. These wire hiders are the ideal solution: you'll get eight cable channels that fit over wires and cables and can then be mounted to your wall with either PE mounting tape and/or mounting screws and anchors.


An Ice Roller That Reduces Inflammation And Swelling

Keep this ice roller in your fridge or freezer and pull it out any time you get a burn, injury, or are experiencing inflammation or swollen skin. The roller is amazingly soothing as a cooling massager and it comes in eight colors. You can even use it as a drug-free alternative when you have a headache or migraine.


This Flowy, Elegant Robe For Lounging Indoors & Outdoors

This floaty, Boho-beautiful kimono isn't just for indoor lounging (though it's great for that, too). Wear the versatile piece as a beach cover-up or an elegant top to layer over tanks and T-shirts. It has an open front, bat sleeves, and it comes in more than 30 rich colors and prints that include florals, paisley, and kimonos with fringed hemlines.

  • Available sizes S-XXL


These Caffeinated Mints That Give You A Zing In Your Step

When you need a little boost of energy, pop one of these sweet caffeinated mints that both freshen your breath and give you a zing in your step. Two of these sugar-free peppermint mints is the equivalent of one cup of coffee. It comes in a portable tin and is offered in five flavor choices, including chocolate mint and cinnamon.


A Soothing Shampoo Brush That Gets Your Scalp Really Clean

Remove all product residue, oils, and grease on your scalp that result in lackluster hair — with the help of this brilliant, highly-reviewed shampoo brush that provides a soothing massage that boosts circulation. The brush has gentle, thick silicone bristles that dig deep to get your scalp cleaner than ever. It comes in three colors and doesn't require batteries, and it even encourages hair growth.


An Instant Touch Up Solution For Cracked Paint

Noticing cracks in the paint on your wall? Before you budget for a whole new fresh paint job, use this helpful touch-up paint to fill in splits, scratches, and scuffs on both interior and exterior paint. The non-toxic paint is safe around children and pets and comes in nine neutral white and beige shades with a small, precise applicator brush.


This Double-Sided Cutting Board With A Meat Grip And Raised Edges

Talk about the perfect cutting board: this truly versatile double-sided board has a meat grip on one side that can handle your toughest steaks and chicken, and a smooth side for chopping veggies and fruits. Another amazing feature you won't find on most boards (which are usually flat) — it has raised edges that capture and retain juices, with one curved corner for pouring liquids out. Snag this board in one of four colors.


These Leak-Proof Travel Condiment Keepers For On-The-Go Snacks & Meals

Pack salad dressing, peanut butter, ketchup, and other foods and condiments in these compact condiment containers and never worry about them coming undone in your bag and causing a great big mess. The containers, which come in a pack of three, have air-tight, leak-proof lids and barely take up space in lunch bags.


The Charcoal Facial Cleanser That Unclogs Pores

The activated charcoal in this charcoal facial cleanser clings to dirt and oil and unclogs pores with ease. It also boasts soothing and softening aloe vera gel, white tea, green tea, and coconut oil — and combats acne and oily skin without stripping your complexion of essential moisture. The result is balanced skin that looks and feels smooth and soft.


A Magical White Cleaning Sponge That Gets Rid Of Stains

When you're faced with a stain or scuff mark on surfaces like walls and counters, save chemical-laden cleansers as your last resort — because these magic eraser sponges are your first (and best) solution. Activate a thick sponge with a little water and watch as it makes spots, dirt, and stains disappear. These pads rely on powerful melamine foam and will last a long time.


An Intensive Lip Treatment With Sunscreen Protection

A lot of lip balms temporarily cure chapped lips, but few cover so many bases as this lip balm treatment, which also contains SPF 25 to protect fragile lips. With soothing and intensive ingredients that include green tea extract and vitamin E, this soothing balm heals chapped lips and prevents future dry skin episodes.


This Alcohol-Free Facial Toner With Rose Extract For Sensitive Skin

If you're skipping toner as a step in your skincare routine, mainly because your skin is so sensitive it freaks at the thought of most alcohol-based toners, this is the toner your skin needs in its life. Not only is it gentle and free of alcohol, but it's infused with soothing ingredients like witch hazel and rose extract. It reduces inflammation and redness and balances your complexion, prepping it for serums and moisturizers.

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