This Obama-Taylor Swift "Look What You Make Me Do" Mash-Up Is Amazing


Even though he's not president anymore, Barack Obama is still one of the United States' most prominent cultural icons. So when fellow ubiquitously famous American Taylor Swift released a long-awaited new song last week, it only made sense to combine the legends somehow. This video of Obama singing "Look What You Made Me Do" is the Internet content you need in your life right now.

Don't get your hope up too much — this isn't secret footage of Obama singing karaoke with his daughters or anything. The clip is an expertly edited compilation stringing together hundreds of shots of Obama's speeches in order to form the words of Swift's new single. But while the music and "singing" are hysterical themselves, the best part of the video might be watching Obama age backwards and forwards as the shots jump around the years of his presidency.

This style of video certainly isn't new — in fact, this isn't even the first time that Obama has "covered" Swift's music. A similar video appeared online in 2015, showing Obama clips set to the song "Shake It Off." You can also find Donald Trump singing the original Pokemon theme song or "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" from Frozen. However, just because the art form isn't new doesn't make it any less hilarious.

The video is only bound to help Swift's success with the song, which has proven to be the latest in her long line of hits. When it dropped on Youtube Aug. 25, "Look What You Made Me Do" became the most-watched lyric video in its first day of release ever, garnering 43 million views within 24 hours. Spotify also announced that Swift smashed the company's record for day of release streaming with nearly 8 million plays.

However, the commercial success has belied critical reviews, which have been less favorable. NPR said that Swift was trying to have the best of both worlds (pun intended) by playing both the villain and the victim in the video. USA TODAY mentioned that Swift's repute for using people to project an image, which she trying to combat in the video, may have been proven more than refuted. "Watching Swift equate her 'squad' of friends to plastic mannequins and spoof poor Tom Hiddleston with a line of dancers wearing a play on his infamous “I heart T-Swift” shirt, viewers have to wonder whether these figures would've preferred to be excluded from the video's narrative."

Whatever your feelings on Swift and her new music, the video of Obama is hilarious and should absolutely be enjoyed. At the very least it brings to mind the idea that Obama might be a secret Swiftie, which is adorable enough to make the video worth it on its own.