Funny Spaghetti Memes For National Spaghetti Day

Fun news: If you didn't know, Jan. 4 is the official day for celebrating that staple of Italian cuisine everyone loves, spaghetti. Now that we're all on the same page, you should know that there's no better way to celebrate the occasion than by first laughing at a few memes about spaghetti for National Spaghetti Day, then by making some delicious spaghetti for yourself. These memes are hilarious, and you're guaranteed to enjoy a laugh or two while you spend some time looking through them on this day of all things pasta.

Spaghetti is one of those dinners that everybody learns to make early on. All it takes is some boiling water and a pack of dried noodles. However, no matter how seemingly simple it is to make spaghetti,it never stops being ridiculously delicious. There are few things in life that a bowl of warm spaghetti can't fix. Add in some tomato sauce and meatballs, and you're set for life.

OK, maybe I'm exaggerating the world's love of spaghetti, but it still is a much loved dinner dish in this country. When many think of Italian food, it's one of the first dishes to come to mind — and when it comes to finding a food that can fill a empty, growling stomach? Nothing beats spaghetti.

Crazy how it always seems to multiply in the pot, right?

That is 100 percent true.

You're not alone in that sentiment.

This baby gets it.

Because it's amazing, duh!

Such a rebel.

This is a motto to live by.

Real clever.

Don't worry... it will be eaten. It always is.

Now that is the life.