Spanx's Newest Invention Is A Crop Top Made Out Of Tights

Courtesy of Spanx

Leggings are one of the most divisive pieces of apparel. The Are-Leggings-Pants debate is one of the most heated in fashion, and I am firmly on Team LeggingsArePants. But the fervent leggings discussion is about to take a seat now that Spanx has created Arm Tights, which are bound to spark both curiosity and passionate discourse.

Brand founder Sara Blakely told Vogue that the Arm Tights are basically "a crop top made out of tights." All told, the Arm Tights are a layering, warming, and smoothing item of clothing. You will very likely need to try them out first in order to judge their effectiveness and ultimately incorporate them into your fall wardrobe. Like traditional Spanx, this new nylon innovation might not be for everyone.

But it's a killer idea in theory, though, and here's exactly why. This innovative design was created to address a legit and seasonally-based sartorial concern we all have.

"We wear tights on our legs to transition skirts and dresses into the fall and winter seasons, but why not on our arms?," Blakely asked.

That's a fair point, but then again, bare arms are a summer-to-fall dressing conundrum usually solved by tossing on a light cardigan, a hoodie, or a loose button down as the temperatures dip. But Arm Tights can solve the problem too, I guess.

Spanx Arm Tights, $30, Spanx

Remember, Spanx is a shapewear brand worn by everyone from Beyonce to Adele to Gwyneth Paltrow to yours truly. And there's a reason for the wide appeal and popularity.

The company has created all sorts of body-hugging undergarments that smooth, slim, lift, tighten, and highlight. I routinely wear Spanx when getting dressed up for weddings, formal events, or basically any fancy occasion because I love the smoothness they provide. But Spanx undergarments certainly aren't a necessity or requirement for looking good. You can skip the Spanx altogether and still slay all day — and night.

Besides the layering, warming, and smoothing benefits, the Arm Tights sound comfy and cozy, since Spanx touts that they "feel super luxe on the skin."

Blakely also told Vogue that they made Arm Tights "cropped for less bulk under clothes and the arms are completely seamless too." Therefore, they aren't adding volume to your ensemble.

In essence, this is exactly how it sounds: nylon tights for your arms. And once you get used to the idea, it's actually kind of appealing.

Based on all the intel I have gathered so far regarding Spanx Arm Tights, they sound like a terrific layering piece wearable under tees, tanks, with slip dresses, and more.

Arm Tights will carry you and your clothes from warm months to cooler ones. This means more wear out of your wardrobe. And who doesn't love that?

Spanx loyalists and wearers are eagerly anticipating the Arm Tights, which the brand has been teasing for the past few days.

The excitement is palpable, as is the curiosity.

Arm Tights arrive on Monday, Sept. 25 in an array of bright colors, from hot pink to cobalt blue to sparkly black. There are 11 shades to choose from and they are coming to #ArmYourWardrobe.

Ultimately, Arm Tights don't sound like a threat to shirts. They aren't a replacement for your usual tops. Rather, they will work with your shirts so you stay warm and look amazing during the changing months. Just like your favorite pair of trusty tights.

If you have previously labored under the illusion that Spanx only offers undergarments that aren't supposed to be visible as part of your OOTD, Arm Tights are here to redefine your notion of the brand.

Bring on the layers.