'Spider-Man: Homecoming's Shocker Is Logan Marshall-Green & He Has Some Impressive Gadgets

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It has long been speculated that The Vulture's main sidekick Shocker will be played by Logan Marshall-Green in Spider-man: Homecoming.Fans have been musing on this potential casting for a while, and it turns out, they were absolutely right. Because after seeing footage of The Shocker in action, I can confirm that he is played by none other than Marshall-Green. But this isn't the only bit of exciting news that was revealed during a group tour with reporters of Marvel Studios at Disney's Burbank headquarters on Monday evening. Shocker has some pretty impressive — and familiar — gadgets, too.

After a tour of the famed superhero studios, reporters were taken into a theater to view dailies (footage captured that day on set) of a few different Marvel pictures. We also saw some edited footage from Spider-Man: Homecoming, out July 7, and one three-second snippet stood out to me. In a very quick scene, we saw Shocker in the back of a van, shooting what looks to be a bolt of energy or light at Donald Glover. (And no, unfortunately I don't know who Donald Glover is playing — which may be Spidey's biggest secret still.) But what I did notice is the device that rendered the blue-ish, lightning-bolt shaped energy. The device came from bad guy Crossbones' arm, which Captain America ripped off his wrist at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War.

Stuart Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Let me explain. Shocker, and his bigger, badder compadre, The Vulture, are scavengers. They live off the destruction the Avengers cause during their epic battles, so it would make total sense that Shocker would find Crossbones' arm and repurpose it into a deathly tool of his own design. Now we just have to wait until July 7 to see what further destruction he might cause with it.

He might be a bad guy, but he's got some impressive recycling skills.