Spring Memes That Will Prepare You For Warmer Weather

Even though Monday, Mar. 20 marks the first day of spring in 2017, that doesn't mean that it's going to be all sunshine and 70 degree days immediately. In fact, as these spring memes that will make you laugh out loud are likely to remind you, the snow often continues to fall for a few weeks after we've officially made it into the spring season. I know, it's a bummer, but what can you do?

So, how do you make it through the first few days of spring if you know that it will still be a while before warm weather and blooming flowers are headed your way? Simple, you laugh about it. Laughter is the perfect medicine for just about everything, including freezing cold spring beginnings and winters that are lasting way too long.

Spend some time today having a good laugh with the help of these hilarious memes. Want to spread the humor with your friends and family? Share them on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. There's nothing more funny that a well-made meme, except a well-made meme that you're laughing at in unison with your loved ones. Go on, laugh away your tears (and don't worry too much, the warm temperatures will eventually show up!).

Yeah it is!

Because you feel so good after.

It's hard not to feel elated.

Unless this is the case.

Don't be like that Grumpy Cat.

It seems inevitable.

Very punny.


And that's a good feeling.

It still might for a while longer... sorry!

Images: John-Mark Kuznietsov/Unsplash; MemeCenter