Sprite Just Launched "Lymonade" & Officially Combined Your Two Favorite Drinks

by Brittany Bennett
Sprite/Remixed by Bustle

There's nothing quite like a crisp refreshment. Especially a cool, fizzy drink twisted with the flavors of citrus to wash down a turkey sandwich or refresh you on a hot day. Sprite might come to mind, or lemonade as a great thirst quencher. But now prepare yourself for the ~ultimate~ quencher of thirst because those two citrus confections have combined to create one mind blowing refreshment. Per Brand Eating, Sprite Lymonade is now available, and it basically sounds like summer arrived early.

Lemonade introducing itself to another, already established drink is nothing new. Lemonade is very social. The Arnold Palmer, for example, is a glass half full of ice tea and half full of lemonade. It's a go-to for those who want the sweetness of lemonade to be cut with the cool tea. And now lemonade has a new main squeeze: Sprite.

The soda's Twitter account realized that fans of the drink were mixing it with lemonade. A Twitter search for "sprite and lemonade" results in a library of tweets as long as a CVS receipt. No, really — Sprite retweeted about 48 people who declared their interest in the mix. Tweets read, "If y'all ain't ever had sprite and lemonade your missing out" and "The combination of lemonade and sprite with light ice is UNRIVALED". But now the kind people at Sprite have made it easier for fans to get a taste of this mix. You no longer have to DIY your favorite drink combination. Sprite Lymonade mixes it all together, in a 20-oz bottle, for you.

The latest soft drink from Sprite combines the classic lemon-lime flavor with a splash of lemon juice, which measures out to be approximately 1 percent. According to their hashtag, #JustASplash, that 1 percent is all you need to make a big difference. The result is Lymonade, Sprite's take on a lemonade soda mix. Lymonade is now available, as of February, at retailers nationwide in 20-oz bottles. And it sort of feels like winter just got a splash of summer.

This isn't the first time Sprite has introduced a splash of another fruit to their classic flavor. If you're a fan of Lymonade, you might also enjoy a sip or ten of Sprite Cranberry, and you may have come across the Tropic Berry Mix at soft drink fountains. Needless to say, Sprite has always known how to keep sips exciting.

Next time you're in the mood for mixing Sprite and lemonade, you won't have to come back from the store with two different bottles of two different things. The best of both worlds are now a singular universe, mixed for you, to perfection, in the same bottle. This is a classic case of a win-win situation. We can now all have our Sprite and lemonade too without having to work to find the perfect ratio every time we go to mix the two drinks in a single cup.

Even though Lymonade sounds like it tastes like the best of summer, we are still in the thick of winter. Stay bundled as you venture out to grab the drink that captures the sunny seasonflme in a bottle.