St. Vincent Wore A Bodysuit & No Pants To The Oscars — But She Did Wear A Humongous Sleeve

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Elaborate dresses and embellished pantsuits are super common ensembles on Hollywood red carpets at events like the Academy Awards. However, singer and multi-instrumentalist St. Vincent didn't wear pants or a dress to the 2018 Oscars. She eschewed those expected silhouettes in favor of a black bodysuit with a bow-tied sash, a sweetheart neckline, and a statement, poufy sleeve. The single sleeve was so gigantic that it made up for her other shoulder being bare and the lack of traditional bottoms.

St. Vincent's all-black ensemble was the stuff Oscar fashion drama is made of.

The bodysuit actually mimicked an LBD or a romper. Without that massive, fashion-forward sleeve — which might remind fashion watchers and fans of Celine Dion's epic and wing-like white sleeves at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards — her outfit might have felt far too casual for an event as fancy as the Oscars.

But the sleeve and the overall presentation elevated the bodysuit to Oscar red carpet-worthy. It was all about the additional details of her outfit.

St. Vincent, who is slated to perform with Sufjan Stevens, paired her bodysuit with sheer, black pantyhose, black heels with a silver accent on the pointed, toe, and a floral headpiece. She looked absolutely elegant and edgy at once, which isn't easy to do. In fact, she looked like a beautiful ballerina from Black Swan.

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St. Vincent was breathtaking in her bodysuit, and it was one of the most standout looks of the 2018 Oscars. Her deeply side parted black hair matched her attire, while her cherry red lips were a gorgeous contrast to her fair skin and aforementioned dark locks.

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Notice that St. Vincent only wore one drop earring with her gloriously goth Oscar outfit. The red, diamond, and black earring was worn on the opposite side of her poufy sleeve. She kept all aspects of her outfit asymmetrical. Wearing an earring on the same side of her body as the gigantic sleeve might have been too much.

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The musician opted to leave her neck and wrists bare, which was also a smart sartorial choice. Additional bling could have been distracting and might have shifted attention away from that sleeve.

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This vantage point showed off her ear cuff and that floral arrangement in her hair. Plus, you can further appreciate her spectacularly arched brows.

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The M-shaped hem of the bodysuit is what gave it that little black dress vibe. The sash looked like an arm band from certain angles. But you can clearly see that it's tied like a bow.

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One can't help but wonder if St. Vincent is able to store a lipstick, gum, ID, or other essentials somewhere in that sleeve. She wasn't carrying a clutch, so...

Twitter certainly had plenty of opinions about St. Vincent at the Oscars.

So many people — both music fans and fashion types — can co-sign this emotion.

Her outfit was certainly attracting the attention of new people, who can be converted into potential fans. That means it was a successful choice for the singer.

Ultimately, the bodysuit with the super-sized sleeve was simply St. Vincent being St. Vincent. She stood out in a sea of long-trained, light-colored, and beaded Oscar 2018 gowns. It was a look we'll be talking about well beyond tomorrow.