'Star Wars' Games & Memorabilia On Amazon That Are Out Of This World

I'm not going to say that I've been waiting for a Star Wars gifts on Amazon article to land on my desk since the second I started writing gift guides, but I've been waiting for a Star Wars gifts on Amazon article to land on my desk since I started writing gift guides. My brother got me started on this franchise when I was barely old enough to talk, and as a result, my childhood was filled with the coolest Star Wars memorabilia, the best Star Wars video games (Galaxies in its heyday, anyone?), and enough Jedi Legos to cause all the unbearable foot pain in the world. Needless to say, I'm pretty psyched.

Now that Amazon is a thing, all these Star Wars gifts, games, and memorabilia are available to you with a single click, and throwing them all in your digital cart couldn't be easier even if you had The Force on your side. As a result, whether you're shopping for the upcoming holidays or just looking to complete your collection, I've sorted through some of the nerdiest and most obscure Star Wars stuff to find the things that any full grown adult would be proud to incorporate into their life.

1. This Charging Station For Ultimate Fans


ThinkGeek R2-D2 USB Power Station, $38, Amazon

With four standard US sockets and two USB ports, this genius ThinkGeek R2-D2 USB power station is a great way to get the most out of your wall plugs. It's a great way to create a charging station in a room with limited plugs, and because it's in the shape of R2-D2, reviewers are pretty thrilled: "Saw this and wanted it and got it THAT SAME DAY. Perfect." The very definition of adulthood.

2. This Awesome New Game In The Lego Universe


LEGO Star Wars: Force Awakens Deluxe Edition, $60, Amazon

People are flipping over LEGO Star Wars: Force Awakens Deluxe Edition, which lets you relive the action of the film as told through the witty Lego lens. The Deluxe version is available for PS4 and Xbox One, and the Standard is available for a whole bunch of other platforms. "This game has a lot to offer!" says one reviewer. "Fun air/outer space battles, ground battles, puzzles and humor!"

3. This Wallet That's Non-Bulky, Durable, And Epic


Dynomighty Han Solo and Chewbacca Comic Panels Wallet, $15, Amazon

Not only is this Dynomighty Han Solo and Chewbacca wallet particularly badass, but it's tear-proof, water-resistant, expandable, and recyclable. Even though it's super tough, it's especially thin to prevent bulk in your back pocket, and people are totally loving the cool comic panels design.

4. This Adorable Waffle Maker That's Actually High Quality


Star Wars BB8 Waffle Maker, $40, Amazon

A nod to the newest movies, this Star Wars BB8 Waffle Maker cooks adorable little BB8s with its coated non-stick plate. It has a regulating thermostat with five settings, so you can personalize your waffles from tender to golden brown, and it wipes clean with a damp cloth.

5. Stir Your Coffee With Your Mind (AKA, A Button)


Self-Stirring Yoda Mug, $16, Amazon

Star Wars mugs are easy enough to find, but this self-stirring Yoda mug isn't your average one. It's got a button on the handle that lets you stir whatever's inside without a spoon, meaning that you can make sure your sugar is adequately dissolved using nothing but The Force.

6. "The Best Game For PS2... Ever"


Star Wars Battlefront II, $97, Amazon

An oldie but a definite goodie, people are still leaving amazing reviews about Star Wars Battlefront II. Even though it's for the PS2, it's one of the highest rated Star Wars games because of the diverse missions, awesome gameplay, and impressive graphics. (You can also get it used and in great condition for a much lower price.)

7. This Epic Hologram Lamp For Your Desk Or Bedside Table


Stormtrooper 3D Visualization Illusion Desklamp, $19, Amazon

This awesome Stormtrooper 3D visualization illusion desklamp has a hologram effect that lights up in seven bright colors, so you can personalize your space, and it comes with a USB adapter, so you can power it through your laptop or phone charger.

8. This Adorable R2D2 Dress


Star Wars R2-D2 Juniors Skater Dress (S-XXL), $32-39, Amazon

I'm personally in love with this Star Wars R2-D2 juniors dress, which has a stretchy cotton and spandex material that's thicker than expected and a cool skater design. While it's technically juniors sizing, tons of people are buying it, and they say that if you go up one from your regular size, it fits like a glove.

9. This Movement-Based Plug And Play Game


Clone Wars Motion Video Game, $20, Amazon

With no additional console required, this Clone Wars motion video game plugs right into your television, and you're set. The flight controller senses your movement to control the game, and there's over 20 missions with surprisingly good graphics. It's ideal for younger kids, but adults seemingly like it, too. "Great classic arcade Star Wars action," says one reviewer. "Will surpass your expectations."

10. This Catch Phrase Game, Star Wars Style


Star Wars Catch Phrase, $22, Amazon

If you're a super fan (and a few of your friends are, too), Star Wars Catch Phrase tests your knowledge of the force. Split yourselves into teams, and get your teammates to guess the phrase on screen without using those specific words. There are different difficulty levels, it's shaped like the Falcon, and it speaks like Chewbacca. What else could you ask for in a game night?

11. This Trusty Measuring Cup Set That's Exactly The Droid You're Looking For


R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set, $18, Amazon

This R2-D2 measuring cup set comes with four different measurement cups and detachable utility arms that form the nesting stand. When it's all put together, it looks like your favorite little droid, and the review section is filled with tons of praise and a few ingeniously placed quotes.

12. Stuff This Death Star Infuser With Your Favorite Loose Tea

Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser, $18, Amazon

If you know someone who fits into the categories of tea drinker and Star Wars fan, this Death Star infuser might get you some serious brownie points. It's made from durable stainless steel, it's dishwasher-safe, and it makes a great cup of tea alongside your favorite loose tea blends.

13. She's Fast Enough For You, Bud Light Bottle


Millenium Falcon Metal Bottle Opener, $12, Amazon

For the beer drinkers, there's this Millenium Falcon bottle opener, which is made from high quality Zinc Alloy metal, but despite how durable it is, it's surprisingly light. It comes in a cool aluminum case that's ready for gifting, and reviewers are putting it simply: "Um -- Coolest thing ever!"

14. This Force-Ridden Version Of Risk


Risk: Star Wars, $29, Amazon

Create teams, choose the light side or the dark side, and start taking over fleets with Risk: Star Wars edition. It's got tons of iconic Star Wars vehicles and game pieces, including the Falcon and Stormtroopers, and even people who aren't really that into strategy games say, "We stayed up until 2 AM playing round after round."

15. This Robe For Warmth And Intimidation Factor


Star Wars Jedi Robe, $26, Amazon

If you ever wanted to be a Jedi, now's your chance. This Star Wars Jedi robe has pockets, a hood, a belt, and is made from 100 percent cotton. It's 47 inches from the shoulder to the bottom and fits most adults in cozy, all-encompassing fabric that keeps you warm out of the shower, keeps you company while you binge-watch the series, and keeps your neighbors just a little bit wary of you.

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