These Star-Shaped Pimple Patches Will Pick At Your Pimples So You Don't Have To

Acne can be a real nightmare. But there’s a new beauty brand on the rise that's encouraging you to love and care for your pimples in the cutest way. A beauty brand called Starfacejust launched its Hydro-Stars Pimple Patches, and they’re a new way to embrace your face — and your pimples.

Starface’s new Hydro-Stars are where stickers meet skin care. The patches aren’t just a cute, photographic moment for Instagram. Each little yellow star is packed with hydrocolloid to help flatten blemishes, while also bandaging the skin concern to protect from bacteria. It’s a sweet way to kick your pimple-picking habit.

Julie Schott, Starface co-founder and former beauty director of, explained in an interview with The Cut that she wanted to create a brand that let her embrace the pimples that overstayed their welcome. She was inspired after getting pimples time and time again no matter how many products she tested.

“I saw a million dermatologists, read a thousand studies, and tried a zillion products, and my skin didn’t really change,” said Schott. “I still had the low-key acne that I always had, and I was finding that nothing really made a difference, except a change in my attitude.”

Thus, Starface was born. The pimple patch phenom is just getting started, as you can now buy the Hydro Pimple patches available for $22 on

The Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch Hydro-Stars™

In the starry-eyed smiley face pack, you get 32 Hydro-Stars in total. According to Starface's website, Hydro-Stars are meant for the bigger constellations of pimples. Start with a freshly washed (and dried) face, then apply a gold star with your fingers. It's super simple.

The hydro-stars absorb the fluid inside a pimple, and even prevent you from picking at those suckers until they're gone for good. Keep in mind that they take up to six hours to banish a breakout, so enjoy a good lip mask and take pics wine with your new skin care regimen. After the stars become more opaque, you can remove them to reveal treated skin.

According to the America Academy of Dermotology (AAD), up to 15% of adult women suffer from acne, and there are plenty of factors that cause acne to form. Between period hormones, facial hair removal, and even the overuse of skin care products, contracting a new pimple could happen for a multitude of reasons.

Not everyone can leave their puberty pimples in their grade school years. For fully-grown adults with acne, treating your cheeks to a gold star isn't a bad alternative.