Steph Shep On The Sustainable Way To Shop Summer's Hottest Trends

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

What, exactly, does life look like after you’ve spent years as the assistant for one of the most closely followed women on the planet? While there may not be a roadmap for navigating such a transition, Stephanie Shepherd is well on her way to figuring it out.

Since stepping down as an assistant-turned-COO at Kardashian West Brands in 2018, Shepherd — better known as “Steph Shep” among the influencer set — has taken on several different roles, including co-founder of the climate education platform Future Earth, adviser at the nonprofit organization Khana, plus columnist at Elle and at Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh.

Most recently, the 30-year-old multihyphenate joined Vestiaire Collective’s Wardrobe Reality Check challenge, an initiative encouraging fashion lovers around the world to consider the environmental impact of their wardrobe choices. “I’ve been on a mission to be more mindful when it comes to the pieces I buy,” Shepherd tells Bustle. “I’ve realized over time I have way too much stuff. I’ve just recently started to dial in my personal style — and I think I’m getting closer to owning what my personal style actually is.”

As part of the challenge, she’s clearing out her closet and reselling select pieces on Vestiaire Collective, a platform for finding luxury, fashion-forward clothing, shoes, and accessories.

“I’m selling a few pieces I’ve worn and loved but have evolved away from,” Shepherd shares. “I used to live in leather jackets and bomber jackets in my twenties. Now I prefer a tailored blazer or pea coat. So I’m letting go of these pieces from my past to continue their wear in someone else’s wardrobe.”

You can shop these items at her Vestiaire Collective profile, on the app or website. Read on for some of Shepherd’s expert style insight and to find out which pieces you should consider cleaning out of your own closet.

Monochromatic Outfits

Which trend is Shepherd loving for the warmer months ahead? “I personally love a monochromatic look any time of year,” she reveals. “An all-neutral palette will definitely be my go-to this summer.”

Colorblock Swimsuits

Lounging by the pool isn’t complete without the proper swimwear, and Shepherd swears by one brand in particular. “I can’t wait to wear my Sébastien swimsuits,” she shares. “They make the coolest color blocking suits I’m obsessed with.”

Dad Shoes

Comfy though they may be, it might be time to surrender those chunky, ‘90s-inspired shoes that your father definitely wore 30 years ago. “I’m over clunky dad sneakers,” Shepherd says.

Oversized Apparel

Some of her other passé picks include ill-fitting oversized clothing, streetwear, and — as she puts it — “logomania.” “I want to see shoes that are appropriate for the occasion, clothing that is tailored, and people wearing brands because of the craftsmanship behind them,” Shepard explains. “Not because of their logo!”

Vintage Finds

Above all, she advises consumers to choose pieces that are “thoughtfully made” and to search for trends at thrift stores or on resale platforms instead of buying them brand new at fast fashion retailers.

“A cool way to shop for trends is to shop vintage,” Shepard says. “Trends repeat themselves. Trends of today are inspired by styles from the past. A lot of the time you can find great pieces at great prices in vintage and consignment stores.”

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.