8 Women That Should Replace Steve Bannon ASAP

by Cate Carrejo
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

White House chief strategist and presidential advisor Steve Bannon parted ways with President Trump and his close inner circle on Friday, leaving a critical job opening near the top of the White House hierarchy. In lieu of an immediate replacement, there are nine women who could take over Steve Bannon's job in a flash, should Trump choose to keep the nontraditional White House role intact.

Bannon reportedly resigned from the White House effective Aug. 14, one year to the day after he teamed up with the Trump campaign, according to ABC News. However, it's not too clear what Bannon actually did with his time there, or how much things will change now that he's gone. In May, an image showing a list of Bannon's policy initiatives was inadvertently posted on social media, giving some insight into his duties there. But according to CNN, many of those goals were never accomplished.

In an ideal situation, the role of chief strategist would be filled by a woman who gets stuff done. The president may be far from the most staunch feminist ally in the White House — that title might fall to Ivanka Trump, though even her credibility on that front is low — but he has, at least, a record of hiring women to important positions. So here are the nine women who could potentially take over Bannon's job.


Kellyanne Conway


As one of Trumps' most publicly loyal aides, Conway has weathered several controversies of her own. It's unclear if she has any desire to be involved in the more policy-side of things in the White House, but don't discount her just yet.


Jennifer Palmieri

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Palmieri was President Obama's communications director for two years and had the same job for Clinton's presidential campaign. She's one of the smartest women working in politics today, and there's no doubt that she could perform the heck out of the chief strategist job — though it's doubtful that Trump would be willing to hire someone who's worked for two of his most disliked Democratic politicians.


Valerie Jarrett


Jarrett was a senior advisor to President Obama throughout his entire term, so she knows well the demands of working in the White House. Again, like Palmieri, Jarrett may have too many connections to Trump's predecessor for him to consider her.


Michèle Flournoy


You might have ever heard of her, but Flournoy is one of the most smartest women in the world when it comes to foreign policy. She's the former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy at the Pentagon, as well as a graduate of Harvard and Oxford, so she'd be well-poised to take on the foreign policy challenges that the administration is facing.


Ivanka Trump

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The first daughter may not have much political experience, but she could well add another official White House title to her name. Ivanka has indicated that she's interested in women's issues, and though she hasn't had much success "moderating" or "influencing" her father's positions and policies, perhaps holding the chief strategist title could mean Trump is ready to really hear her out.


Dina Powell


A former Goldman Sachs partner, Powell currently serves as deputy national security adviser. According to POLITICO, Powell was on Trump's shortlist to serve as his new chief of staff before he finally decided on John Kelly. She clearly has some sway in the White House, and considering how many people have left already, Powell's lasting power may end up earning her a promotion.


Samantha Power

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The former United Nations ambassador has a nuanced view of international politics that the country sorely needs right now. Along with her four years at the UN, she's also a Harvard professor with a rockin' Twitter account, making her qualifications among the most impressive on this list.


Nikki Haley


UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has managed to stay out of the reported drama among White House aides for the most part. Haley and Powell were the two women invited to ride in Trump's car — dubbed "The Beast" — from the White House to the air force base in Maryland, POLITICO reported. (This was hours before Reince Priebus was fired.)

The Trump White House has been known for its turnover in staff and infighting. Perhaps Haley, or of these other women, could be named Trump's new chief strategist soon. Either way, take heart in their lasting power in the White House — someone else could go soon.