Sticker Hair Is The Newest Social Media Trend & It's Rad AF

If you were one of those kids that used to put stickers all over their furniture, ear lobes, clothes, and walls, chances were you eventually made it up to your hair. Well, it turns out you were onto something: Sticker hair is the new social media hair trend, and it will make your inner child do a cartwheel.

"NYC hair stylist Allen Thomas Wood recently took to Instagram to share a peek at the creative style he put together using tiny, colorful Japanese stickers," PopSugar reported. And the end result is as magical as you think it is.

Working at a Bumble & Bumble salon in NYC, Wood is no stranger to creative, out-of-the-box looks. Just a quick scan of his Instagram account shows a wet-mermaid-like up-do (with handmade pearl bobby pins to boot,) as well as look that incorporates a prismatic ombré stenciled headband. He has a lot of genius ideas, but the sticker hair notion will throw you straight back into the '90s. Featuring brushed back and gelled hair, he went on to create a crown of sorts using adorable Japanese stickers. From hearts to laughing cats to strawberries and jellyfish, there's a lot going on in the best way possible.

As you can imagine, though, the cute little stickers aren't always well-behaved and stay glued to their strands. When fans asked how the sticking power of the headband was, Wood admitted it took some finagling. "Some did not stick as easily as expected," he answered in a comment. "I used the tail of a comb to press them into the hair." A smart idea, and one you should hold onto if you want to try this for a festival or just a random Wednesday (because why not.)

And his fans and followers seem to approve of the stroke of genius. From some exclaiming that "THIS MAKES ME UNDERSTAND LIFE" and "SO. OBSESSED," to others thinking of their texting habits and saying, "They look like emojis so it reminds me of when I text my friends and I always spam them with emojis," it's a total hit.

If you've been looking for a reason to get into your old childhood pastime of buying stickers, this is as good of an excuse you'll get! Go forth and get your sticker splurge on.