This New Unicorn Jewelry Collection Is Giving Off Major Lisa Frank Vibes

When you have rent payments hanging over your head, credit card due dates coming up, and nothing but work on your schedule, then adulthood can feel pretty beige. Which is why it's fun to surround yourself with childhood throwbacks, allowing you to sneak back some magic into your day. Stone & Strand's Unicorn collection fits that bill, offering some major Lisa Frank vibes that you will want to wear all summer long.

Stone & Strand was created as the place to get all of your dainty, delicate jewelry online. Designed as a "haven from the stuffiness and pretension of the typical fine jewelry shopping experience," Stone & Strand offers fine jewelry at the fraction of the cost. According to its site, Stone & Strand produces its in-house fine jewelry at the same places Fifth Avenue brands do, but they don't add in the crazy markups. This allows you to get quality gold and gemstone pieces that will last you a lifetime, but without draining your bank account.

Nadine McCarthy Kahane, the founder and CEO, runs her company with a "female-led staff and lady-focused ethos" and it shows in the non-stuffy, millennial-driven pieces in Stone & Strand's collections. And that holds especially true for the Lisa Frank-esque Unicorn capsule.

The Unicorn collection launched in 2019 and new pieces get introduced every so often as Stone & Strand introduces weekly drops in items. As of right now the collection has 12 pieces, ranging from bracelets to necklaces to rings and earrings.

Stone & Strand

"I have two young children and am currently really enjoying revisiting the whimsical-filled days of childhood with my kids. Sometimes in toy stores I'm aware the items I buy are perhaps as much for me as for them. I have so much nostalgia for the care-free days of my own childhood that never seemed to end," McCarthy Kahane shares with Bustle. "Playing dress-up, wearing endless shades of pastel colors with clashing sequins and large puffy headbands. Our unicorn collection allows me to indulge in these fantasies in a refined way, and hopefully these are pieces that I will pass onto my daughter at some point - or more likely that she will try to borrow from my jewelry box as soon as she's old enough to reach for them."

For anyone who has had a stack of Lisa Frank folders in grade school or decorated their bunk beds with Lisa Frank stickers, then they will get some serious nostalgia vibes from that center heart ring. It's just like the iconic Lisa Frank rainbow heart. But with a more grownup look.

Lisa Frank

In this particular stack, you have the Unicorn Rainbow Moonstone Heart Ring, the Tiny Unicorn Ring, and the Unicorn Gemstone Ring.

The Unicorn Rainbow Moonstone Heart Ring is set in a 14k solid yellow gold band, with a rainbow pave moonstone at the center. The moonstone is surrounded by pave pink sapphire, peridot, blue topaz and blue sapphires, creating a heart.

The Unicorn Gemstone Ring is also set on a 14k solid yellow gold band, and has amethyst, green sapphire, pink sapphire, blue sapphire, and blue topaz stones.

The Tiny Unicorn Ring is the delicate accent ring, which looks especially fun stacked with the other rainbow-toned jewelry. All of these pieces are limited edition and are 100% ethically earth-mined.

For those who like necklaces more than rings, there are a series of gold strands that delicately channel the colors of a prism. For those who need a new choker in their collection there is the Pastel Unicorn Three Gemstone Choker Necklace, which comes on a 14k solid gold chain and has pink sapphire, green sapphire, and aquamarine stones.

Or if you like to stack delicate bracelets, then the Unicorn Gemstone Quartet Bracelet could be right up your alley.

Revisit your childhood with the help of Stone & Strand's Unicorn collection, bringing Lisa Frank back into your adult day-to-day.