Stormy Daniels' Response To A Twitter Troll Is The Wildest Clap Back You'll Ever See

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Of all the adult film stars in America, one in particular is at the center of the national media right now: Stormy Daniels, the woman who's fighting in court to be able to talk publicly about President Donald Trump. As you might expect, that's earned her some critics and detractors on social media, but she isn't taking it quietly. To the contrary, Stormy Daniels pushed back against a Twitter hater on Wednesday, and it definitely got some attention.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is currently waging a legal battle aimed at freeing herself from a nondisclosure agreement with Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen she reportedly signed in the final months of the 2016 presidential election. If she's able to escape from the agreement, she could then discuss the details of an alleged affair between herself and the president back in 2006. The White House, by way of press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has denied that Trump had an affair with Daniels.

She reportedly entered into the agreement in the final weeks of the 206 presidential election, and received a payment of $130,000 from Cohen. She's since made it clear that she'd like to be allowed to speak, however, and has offered to give the money back in return. Her attorney, Michael Avenatti, has also claimed that other women have approached him saying they're bound by similar agreements, although he would not say who, nor how many.

Daniels responded to a Twitter user on Wednesday who insisted that nobody would believe her besides "Trump haters," also calling her "classless" and "disgusting." (That Twitter user has since deleted the tweet.) Daniels responded with the following sharp rejoinder.

"Impressive! You returned! You're the first troll to come back, you little masochist! I won't address the first part because I (unlike you) don't take it upon myself to speak for others," Daniels tweeted, followed by a pretty impressive claim of athleticism.

Daniels, 38, allegedly carried on an affair with Trump in 2006, just one year after Trump's marriage to first lady Melania Trump, and months after the birth of the couple's first child together, Barron. Daniels is currently suing Trump over their agreement, claiming that it isn't valid because the real estate mogul and former reality TV host failed to sign it.

As for what exactly she wants to say if she's freed from the agreement, that's not entirely clear. In 2011, she gave a lengthy interview to In Touch magazine describing details of the alleged affair; it wasn't until five years later that she reportedly entered into the agreement to secure her silence about it.

Since coming forward and making it publicly known she wants to be freed from the agreement, she's predictably drawn the ire and condemnation of some of the president's supporters on social media, some of whom have attacked her with vulgar and misogynistic language. And this isn't the first time she's had some punchy comebacks, either.

It's worth noting that that sorts of vulgar, dismissive, incendiary, and often misogynistic tweets Daniels has been on the receiving end of are good examples of the kinds of reactions that keep many women from speaking out publicly about sexual misconduct ― although, to be clear, nothing publicly reported about her alleged relationship with Trump has portrayed it as anything but consensual.

It remains to be seen whether Daniels will be successful in her bid to get out of the nondisclosure agreement, and if she does, what allegations or stories might come to light as a result. In recent weeks, despite her initial denial of the affair, it's become clear that she's eager to speak out about something which she ostensibly currently can't; on Tuesday, a freshly uncovered 2007 radio interview in which Daniels reportedly discussed the alleged affair also got widespread attention.

There's already a hearing date set in her lawsuit, to boot. It'll be taking place on July 12, 2018, so it's still a few months away. As such, assuming nothing else happens to enable Daniels to speak out more specifically, anyone curious to hear more of her story will probably be held in suspense for a while.