These Van Gogh Makeup Brushes Will Make You Feel Like The Artist You Are

by Kali Borovic

If there's a brand that knows how to give beauty lovers a happy ending, it's Storybook Cosmetics. The brand constantly creates the most unexpected makeup items, but this might just be the dreamiest yet. Storybook Cosmetics teased Vincent van Gogh-inspired makeup brushes, and fans are already deeming it their beauty dreams come true. Although the Instagram post didn't give all the details for the launch, it looks like you should start saving now.

According to teaser posts on the brand's social media page, Storybook Cosmetics is coming out with a van Gogh makeup palette and brushes to go along with it. The brand didn't give many details, but the ones they did are pretty darn good. It all started when they shared a photo of the inside of what looks like a palette reading with a quote from van Gogh.

As if that wasn't already enough, the brand posted an image of what looks like makeup brush handles with van Gogh prints on them. Needless to say, people are pretty darn excited. You might not be a makeup artist, but you'll feel like a makeup lover turned artist with this collection.

Storybook Cosmetics is known for giving fans a heads up on what's to come, and it looks like this time is no different. Of course, the brand didn't completely announce that there will be an eyeshadow palette and brush. It sure does look like it to fans though.

As far as when the products will be coming out — whatever they may be — there were some hints about that too. The photo of the possible eyeshadow palette read, "Aiming for a late spring launch, just in time for the perfect summer night eye!"

As far as the possible brushes go, there are three different prints. The image didn't show the full product image. All that can be seen is an up-close of the handles. There was nothing but a few emojis and a hashtag #storybookcosmetics on the photo of the possible brushes, so there's no telling whether the launches will be together or not.

One thing is for sure — people are pumped to see what's coming. The brand has already launched flower-filled brushes and ones that look like wizard wands. The fun thing about Storybook Cosmetics is that they create instantly cult-favorite items. It was only time that a new set would be on the way.

If the reactions are any indication, this launch will be just as favored. The brand didn't even share a full picture of the product yet and fans are already deeming it one to watch. The launch details might not be here yet, but the reviews are already in.

The brand did decide to share nine out of twelve of the upcoming shadows though. Let's just say that this the swatches will spark your creativity.

Fans are freaking out about every single aspect of this collection. From the shades to the packaging to the tools that go with it, Storybook can do no wrong. Here's what people have to say about the possible shadows and brushes.

This person speaks for the entire beauty world with this tweet.

You heard it here first. This might just be the best one yet.

Now that is dedication.

The brand might want to hurry, because people actually can't wait.

This is millennial speak for, "I really like van Gogh."

This launch was made for history and makeup lovers alike.

People don't even know what the palette looks like and they're already will to spend whatever it takes.

All caps is necessary. Storybook better not be playing around.

This one speaks for itself.

Needless to say, people are pretty darn excited.