Strobing Your Inner Eye With Color Is A Rad Way To Add Something Unexpected To Your Look

If you're tired of starting off your day with the usual cat eyeliner and nude lip, then you can be grateful that Instagram always offers a never-ending supply of new makeup trends. And the newest one to hit feeds is inner eye color strobing. It's been a well-known industry trick to dab highlighter into the corners or your eyes to give yourself a more awake look — which is especially handy during those groggier mornings. But seeing how subtle it is, it's more of an optical illusion than a beauty statement. But recently there has been a new twist added to the move, and it involves color.

"The inner corners of the eyes may be a minuscule, but they're also a high-impact area. Lately, makeup artists and influencers have tasked themselves with innovating the classic technique to create fun pops of color like you've never seen," Refinery 29 reported. Makeup artists and influencers have been busy posting pictures of their own versions, and they revolve around using shimmery shades of gold, peach, lilac, and blue among others. Really, there's no wrong way to do it. You can use any hue you want, just as long as it catches the light and gives you a major glow-up.

The great thing with this look is that you can customize more than just the color — you can also tinker with the intensity. While some people love color and are more than happy to rock a frosted blue hue in their inner corners, others are a little shier with their eyeshadow palettes. If you fall into the latter category, then all you have to do is dust a little less pigment onto your eyes.

Or if you want to create a bold eye that day, you can punch up a smokey eye with a flash of color in your inner corners.

It's completely up to you. While it looks simple enough to create, there is a method to keep it looking more dewy than messy. "The best tools to achieve a mess-free inner eye strobe is to use a dense brush, like a MAC #239 along with some MAC Prep + Prime Fix + spray. And most importantly, avoid using a fluffy brush!" Janet Debris, a makeup stylist and special-effect artist, shares with Bustle. A fluffy brush wouldn't be able to pick up as much product, and it would get the color everywhere. As for the spray, you're supposed to spray it onto the brush before dipping it into the product, so it could help you place the pigments right on the inner corner and have it last all day.

If you're at a loss for what kind of products to use to achieve this pretty glow, look for iridescent eyeshadows or loose pigments. "For inner eye strobing, some of my favorite products to use are the MAC Cosmetics Extra Dimension Eyeshadows and the MAC Cosmetics Loose Pigments (preferably the frost, pearl, metallic textures,)" Debris shares. "The reason why I prefer these products is because the textures of these will give to you that color payoff you're looking for, but still create the iridescent 'strobe' effect." Dust it on, and catch the light in a creative, fun new way!