Sugarfina’s New Disney Collab Is So Retro Glam You’ll Want Every Piece

by Isami McCowan

This year, Mickey Mouse will celebrate his 90th birthday — and candy boutique Sugarfina is celebrating in the best (and most delicious) way possible. In collaboration with Disney, Sugarfina is releasing the "Disney Mickey The True Original x Sugarfina Collection," which is everything a candy lover has ever dreamt of and more. The Mickey-themed candy collection follows in the footsteps of Disney’s Mickey the True Original campaign, a global celebration of Mickey's "heritage, personality and status as a pop-culture icon" announced this past March.

Mickey Mouse is pretty much a quintessential part of everyone's childhood. We saw the iconic character everywhere growing up — from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to family trips to Disney to Mickey-themed clothing and stuffed animals. He's a character that you never really grow out of – sporting Mickey Mouse ears while romping around Disney World has no age limit and never will. There's just something about Mickey Mouse that evokes a Disney-filled nostalgia, and that's why the character has been cherished around the world since being created by Walt Disney in 1928.

Sugarfina's Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Collection is a fitting tribute to that nostalgia Mickey inspires, featuring a line of the brand's signature Candy Bento Boxes, Candy Cubes, and chocolate bars in retro, throwback designs — and they almost (almost) look too adorable to eat.


The Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Collection is truly the ultimate gift for Disney fans, complete with its array of special edition candies — including Sugarfina's first-ever 3D diorama Candy Bento Box, shaped like a vintage TV set and features images of Mickey through the years as illustrated by a Disney character artist. If you're dying to know exactly what items you can look forward to in the line, look no further.

You can get your hands on a Mickey-themed milk, dark, or white chocolate bar — all three of which are "made with the finest Parisian chocolate and topped with Mickey-shaped sprinkles, wrapped in original illustrations of Mickey’s iconic looks through the years," according to Sugarfina. The collection also contains special-edition Small Candy Cubes: strawberry-flavored candies shaped like Mickey's ears, birthday-cake flavored Mickey gloves, and berry-flavored candies shaped like Mickey's buttons.


If you want a little bit of everything, you can go for the two-piece “Mickey Ears” Candy Bento Box (including Mickey Ears and Mickey Gloves Candy Cubes), or the three-piece “Mickey Through the Years” Candy Bento Box (including Mickey Ears, Mickey Gloves, and Mickey Buttons Candy Cubes). After you've finished every last bit of candy, the gorgeous, detailed boxes can be used for all the Disney related keepsakes you collect in the future — it's a win-win.

“One of my favorite childhood memories was meeting Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, and I’ve carried that love of Mickey with me as I grew up,” explained Sugarfina co-founder and co-CEO Rosie O’Neill in a press release — and I'm sure so many of us can relate. “We were inspired to create a playful line of Sugarfina candies for the grown-up Mickey Mouse fan, with delicious treats that can be enjoyed today and beautiful packaging that will be cherished for years to come.”

The entire Mickey-themed collection will be available in-store at Sugarfina boutiques (find one near you here) and on Sugarfina's website starting on August 21. The early bird gets the delicious candy: the first 25 people in line at Sugarfina boutiques on August 22 will receive a free Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Collection Candy Cube of their choice, so don't miss out. Happy 90th birthday, Mickey — you have my endless gratitude for inspiring a line of mouth-watering candies.