Sunset Millennial Pink Hair Combines Two Color Trends

Summer 2017 is going to be the summer where you don't run out of things to do with your hair, because there seems to be a new hair trend every other day. Sunset Millennial Pink hair is the newest dye job to hit the market, and it combines two salon trends into one to create dreamy locks. Coined by PopSugar, it's the perfect gradient color to capture the sunset, but in all of its magenta and Barbie pink glory. "Sunset hair was everywhere in 2015, and millennial pink made its way to hair color just in time for Spring. Now that Summer is almost upon us, sunset millennial pink seems to be the hot new hair-dye trend we're seeing all over Instagram," PopSugar explained.

So what exactly is the shade? There are a ton of different variations, but the idea is to capture the hot and snapping hues of a sunset, but skew them towards the pink spectrum of the color wheel. The outcome is a multidimensional look that plays with all the different shades of pink you can think of. The colors captures that summer mood so perfectly, that you'll want to immediately plop yourself onto a patio and sip on Sangria as you watch the day melt away into the evening — that's how strong those sunset vibes are on your head.

These shades of pink and purple perfectly capture how the trend got a collaborative twist.

You can also take it into a sherbet-sunrise direction, where the soft pinks, purples, and yellows mix together in a dreamy, Lisa Frank inspired melt.

You can take those same colors and punch them up a little bit, adding a hotter vibrancy into the mix. These pinks are more saturated, turning the millennial hue more fiery.

This particular shade was dubbed "Tequila Sunrise," and it seems only appropriate to order that drink all summer-round while sporting this gorgeous color. This particular look starts off with magenta and hot pink roots and peters down to a soft blorange color. Imagine how pretty it must look swept up in a bun!

When styled with waves, this sunset hue looks like licks of fire. Styled by @alicereyn, she really captured how to mix millennial pink with a summer sky.

And if you want to go downright electric, go all in with your rich pinks, magentas, corals, and Barbie shades. As you can see there's no wrong way to do it — you just have to be willing to make a statement!