How 'Swamp Thing' Could Continue Even After The Series Finale


Swamp Thing fans have known for a few weeks now that Season 1 will be the show's last. DC Universe announced the live-action series' cancellation after only the first episode. But while Swamp Thing won't return for second season, there's a chance that this isn't the end of the story: the showrunner has been teasing something big still yet to come in the finale.

Swamp Thing's sudden and abrupt cancellation came as a surprise to not only viewers and DC Universe subscribers, but also to the show's cast. After the news broke in June, Derek Mears, who plays the titular Swamp Thing, told Digital Spy that "it's a weird nebulous space that we're all in now because we don't know officially why that would happen, or why they cancelled it." Mears suggested that the cancellation couldn't have been due to low ratings, since there wasn't really time to gauge that. "Even if you are going to cancel it, wouldn't you wait until later on to see how it plays with fans before? So, something's going on somewhere."

Despite the abrupt cancellation — and mystery surrounding it — that hasn't stopped Swamp Thing creator Mark Verheiden from continuing to promote and celebrate the show. In fact, leading up to the series finale, Verheiden has been teasing that there will be something big in the end credits that fans will want to see. "Dropping this Friday — the final episode of #SwampThing 2019. Expect some resolution, some strangeness, maybe even some tears. And whatever you do, STICK AROUND after the credits for... well, you'll just have to see!" he recently tweeted.

There's a chance that Verheiden is hyping up a teaser for a Season 2 that will never come, giving fans a look at what the series could have been, but there's also a chance that he's hinting at a future for Swamp Thing on another DC show.

And that's not just being optimistic: there's actually precedent to believe that's what's happening. Constantine, which followed DC character John Constantine, aired for one season on The CW before being canceled, but Constantine (Matt Ryan) later popped up for a guest stint on Arrow and eventually became a series regular on Legends Of Tomorrow. Oddly enough, the character was actually first introduced into DC comics in an issue of Swamp Thing, which could make him the perfect bridge between Swamp Thing and the rest of the DC live-action TV universe. Fans will probably never get to see Swamp Thing take on the werewolves and vampires that Verheiden told Gamespot he wanted to include in Season 2, but the end of show doesn't necessarily mean the end of the story he set out to tell.

So though the future of DC Universe's version of Swamp Thing is sealed, the fact that the comics have an established universe of shows on the CW could mean that not all hope is lost, and this isn't the last we'll see of the beloved superhero-slash-monster after all.