Swatches Of ColourPop’s Crushed Crystal Collection Are Pure Magic

by Augusta Statz

ColourPop has a track record for creating incredible makeup, so if they’re venturing into using crystals in their products, I’m willing to follow along. Because hey, there’s nothing wrong with choosing products that provide positive energy, is there? No way! Swatches of ColourPop’s Crushed Crystal Collection will have you ready to dive headfirst into the world of crystal-infused beauty.

They’ve created products with four different stones actually added into the products. You can choose to shop Adventurine, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst-infused items, and which one you choose depends on what kind of good vibes you’re hoping to bring your way. According to the brand, Adventurine will bring you good luck, Aquamarine will give you a sense of calmness, Amethyst will enhance your wisdom and strength, and last but not least, Rose Quartz will open your heart to love yourself and others.

The crystals will be present in the brand’s first-ever priming spray, setting spray, liquid highlighter, and lip balm. These newbies launch on July 7, and once you see these swatches, you’ll be totally convinced to make a purchase. The highlighters and lippies have gorgeous holographic qualities and slight tints to them. There’s everything from light green (Adventurine) to pale pink (Rose Quartz), so whether you choose to embrace these items because of their healing properties or because of their colors, there’s no going wrong when you make a purchase!

Say hello to the four all-new limited edition crystal collections.

This Adventurine lip balm has a subtle green tint.

Rose Quartz is a pretty pale pink.

The ocean-inspired aquamarine has a slight blue tint.

And Amethyst? It has a gorgeous lilac payoff.

Each one retails for only $5. These are great to wear on their own or as a lip topper to add a holographic touch to all of your summer lip looks.

This goldish-green Adventurine highlighter looks amazing.

The Rose Quartz highlight is just as incredible as you'd imagine.

A blue, silver-y finish is just what you need on your cheeks this season. And for that, you can count on Aquamarine to come through.

The lavender Amethyst Liquid Highlighter is a thing of dreams.

The Liquid Highlighters are amazing and will retail for only $9 apiece, while the priming and setting sprays will be $6 each. So yeah, you're going to want to get in on this.

Stay tuned for the July 7 launch date!