Huda Beauty's New Foundation Range Looks Huge

Beauty guru Huda Kattan is unstoppable, cranking out beauty tutorial videos, highlighters, liquid lipsticks, and eyeshadow palettes on what feels like a regular basis. Now, it appears that she's working on a new product to add to her impressive resume: Huda Beauty foundation could be on its way to your makeup shelves soon, according to a recent Snapchat from the master herself.

The beauty world first heard of this launch back in December, but has learned precious little since then. As Allure pointed out, fans caught wind of the product-in-the-making when she let it slip in a Snapchat video that she was developing a formula. Applying it across her cheek, she shared in the video, "This is our secret foundation. It's launching later, but I just cant help but tease you guys."

While Huda loyalists still don't know when it's debuting or what kind of coverage it will give, Kattan is slowly been giving small clues through her social media accounts. The latest one was revealed on the HudaBeauty Snapchat account on Feb. 12. As you can see, the potential shade range looks incredibly expansive.

The image obviously hints that there are going to be many different shades in the line — in fact, if each one of these swatches comes to life, then the line will have around 42 different shades. If that's the case, then Kattan has outdone herself — and it's not a shocker as to why she said that the foundation project is her hardest one to date. It's difficult to try to get foundation colors just right, and try to include the vast array of tones people would need to get their true match. But as the sneak peak shows, she's committed to the challenge.

While we're still not sure when the line will come out, it's definitely exciting to see how it's shaping up. In the meantime, we have her other fabulous collections to tide us over.

Images: HudaBeauty/ Snapchat (1); Huda Beauty/ YouTube (1)