Swatches Of Kat Von D Beauty's Saint + Sinner Palette Are Here & They'll Blow You Away

Stop what you're doing because the official Kat Von D Beauty Saint + Sinner Palette swatches are here, and they will blow you away. If this shadow collection wasn't on your radar already, it will be after this.

The 22-shade palette is filled with stunning matte, shimmer, and duo-chrome shades all inspired by the stain glass windows of different cathedrals Kat Von D has personally visited. It's a bit of a departure from her previous released, and that's exactly what makes the palette worth the hype.

"I feel like some of the most inspiring types of architecture have been in cathedrals and churches," Kat Von D says in an official video premiering the swatches. "Seeing the windows and having the sun come through the stain glass and create this... array of colors is what I wanted to mimic."

With that inspiration, this isn't just your typical on-trend palette, my friends — and the swatches prove it.

Kat Von D and KvD Artistry Collective artist Kelsey Anna Fitzpatrick took to YouTube to swatch every single shade of the palette. Trust me when I say that the low-quality photos of this palette circulating around the Internet don't do it justice. As soon as you see the buttery, pigmented shadows gliding on Fitpatrick's arm, you're going to be grabbing your wallet and setting an alarm for the big day.

The Saint + Sinner Palette will be available on Sept. 19 on the Kat Von D Beauty website for $62, according to the brand's Instagram.

No matter how you cut it, $62 is a lot of money. But it does only come out to about $2.80 per shade. Considering that Kat Von D Beauty single shadows are $21 each, this is a pretty good deal. Not to mention that all of the hues in the palette are brand spanking new and beyond stunning.

Since the palette is limited edition, this is the only time you'll be able to snag these immaculate shades.

The "saint" side of the palette features a mixture of cool-toned reds, browns, and purples. At first glance, these colors don't seem like the most wearable shades, but that will all change when you see them swatched.

From the iridescent white top coat called Absolution to the muted metallic grape called Worship, each one would look absolutely stunning put all over the lid or mixed with others.

There are two top coats in the palette — Absolution and Rapture — that are ultra-glitter and work with a variety of the shades. They are glimmery and gorgeous, and sure to stop you in your tracks.

The "sinner" side is absolutely incredible, too. It's much bolder than its counterpoint. There's everything from a more wearable warm brown with golden flakes called Revelation to the royal Blue of Ministry and the chartreuse Exodus.

It's also worth noting that every single shade is vegan and cruelty-free, just like the rest of the Kat Von D Beauty palettes. That's extremely impressive, considering that there are so many warm-toned, red shades inside.

Typically, a brand will use carmine — a red dye made of insects — to get a perfectly pigmented red. Kat Von D Beauty has made it their mission to work a little harder to produce these shades a new, animal-friendly way. And the payoff is something Kat Von D Beauty lovers are sure to rave about.

Kat Von D Beauty on YouTube

Between all of the gorgeous shades and the immense amount of work and inspiration that went into making this palette, it's definitely something to get excited about. When a brand works this hard to make a gorgeous, innovative, and on-brand palette, it's worth the price. Even if that price is a high $62.

Mark your calendars, makeupistas. There's no telling how fast this breathtaking palette will sell out.