KKW Beauty Contour Kit Swatches Will Get You Excited

by Augusta Statz

One look at Kim Kardashian, and it's clear to see she knows a thing or two about contouring. Does that translate to being able to create contouring products? Product reviews aren't out yet, but it sure does look like it. Swatches of KKW Beauty Contour Kits prove that this collection has it all. It looks like Kardashian is bringing you the perfect sculpting tools — not that you ever doubted her.

According to the KKW Beauty's Instagram account, there will be four different shades of the Crème Contour & Highlight Kits dropping on June 21. They’re fit for a variety of skin tones, ranging from “Light” to “Deep Dark.” Each kit contains two dual-ended contouring and highlighting sticks and one dual-ended blending brush. That means you’ll get four different shades in each set that are designed to complement a variety of skin tones, so you can add definition and shine to all of the right places.

While the highlight stick will contain a matte and shimmer formula on each end, the contouring stick comes in two matte finishes — a lighter hue for bronzing and a darker color — for mapping the face and really giving that chiseled appearance. Kim K definitely knows what’s up, and the swatches will prove it.

According to Elle Magazine, it's recommended to use a light product that's two shades lighter and darker than your skin tone. The kit provides both, and you also get the brush and a shimmer highlight all in one bundle for $48.

In case you're still needing a little contouring practice, Kardashian promises to have video tutorials coming soon. Of course, Kardashian owes a lot to her makeup artist and the contour master, Mario Dedivanovic. There are plenty of videos that walk you through his contouring steps to view online while you wait for them to come from KKW Beauty.

Without further ado, the moment you've been waiting for — the swatches.

1. Light

The "Light" range will work for those with fairer skin tones.


Here you can see the lighter swatches in action.

2. Medium

There's also a version for those with medium-toned complexions.


These look incredible on Kardashian's tan skin.

3. Dark

I must say, those highlight shades are so pretty!


That shimmer highlight, tho!

4. Deep Dark

The kit offers a "Deep Dark" option, as well.


These are the deepest shades in the collection.

Think these could work for you? Then prepare to upgrade your beauty routine in a major way by getting KKW Beauty's first-ever products in your makeup bag the moment they become available to shop!