Kylie's New Eyeshadow Palette Includes Super Surprising Shades, But They're Truly To Die For

When it came to this past season in the makeup world, beauty companies went hard into the "pretty in pink" theme. Palette after palette was stuffed with burgundies and terracottas, peaches and champagnes, hot pinks and electric corals, cotton candy pastels and glowing reds. Every shade on the pink color spectrum was teased out and put into one palette or other, giving us a bounty of shades with which to play and create. And while the trend is still going strong, Kylie Cosmetics' Blue Honey Palette is going to shake things up for those who want new hues with which to play.

Skipping the saccharine sweet color wheel, Kylie's new shadows instead dive into the green-blue-yellow spectrum. There are nine shades in total, and two different finishes are included to help you add dimension to your eyeshadow looks.

There are five matte shades and four shimmers in total, and the color scheme moves from teal to orange to mauve to purple, moving you from warm tones to cool, and giving you a range of hues.

It will be fun to see what kinds of looks beauty gurus will come up with when it comes to this palette, and to slowly see teal and blue take up our feeds. Get ready for all of that new inspiration.

Comments on Instagram are enthusiastic "This does something to me," one follower wrote. "A thing of beauty," another shared. "I think it's the best one yet!" one posted.

While many people are drooling over the new color options, some found the shade range too similar to the Subculture palette by Anastasia Beverley Hills to want to put it in their shopping cart. "Subculture vibes with that blue teal color," one follower wrote. There are, indeed, similarities, especially when you group the copper shimmer, teal, and orange colors together. But they are not identical shades.

A few were disappointed there weren't more blue colors to play with, especially considering some of the baked brown and pink shades are pretty similar to the brand's other palettes.

"The two blue are so pretty, but agreed the rest look just like her other ones," one commenter said. "I don’t think I’ll spend 42 just for two new shades."

There are some close similarities to the holiday edition Naughty Palette, especially when you take a closer look at the "Emerald" green shade, the "Xmas Kiss" orange hue, and "Ho Ho Ho" metallic pink color in the holiday collection. But they are not identical, and there is enough difference in the shades where a makeup lover could want the new colors in the Blue Honey palette.

To give you a closer inspection of the Blue Honey colors, here are swatches of the shades, along with their corresponding names.

While Jenner hasn't done the usual Snapchat preview of the palette where she shows arm swatches, some well known Instagram beauty accounts have. @DupeThat swatched the different shades in order to help fans get a better sense of the colors, and an idea of how pigmented the formulas are. As you can see, the shimmer shadows pack a nice amount of glitter, and the matte hues go on creamy and bold.

If you can't wait to get your hands on the palette, you won't have to wait too long. It's launching Jan. 23 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT only on Mark your calendars!