See All Of Storybook Cosmetics' Liquid Lipsticks

Remember back when Storybook Cosmetics teased their fans with lip packaging? Well, the secret is finally out. According to their Instagram, Storybook Cosmetics is creating liquid lipsticks. There's no word on when they will be out yet, but the brand did give their fans a sneak peek. Swatches of Storybook Cosmetics' liquid lipsticks are here, and they'll get you ready to shop.

It's only been a month, but it's already Storybook Cosmetics' year. So far, they've announced a Hunger Games collaboration, a Charlie And The Chocolate Factory collection, and a Whats In The Name Rose Brush Set. But before all that comes out, there will be liquid lipsticks. The brand teased their fans with the packaging on social media at the end of 2016, but now the lippies are finally here to see.

The shades are absolutely gorgeous. Although most of them are nude, these swatches will definitely get you excited. So far theres three different colors. Romance is a light pink nude color, Fantasy is a lavender with a subtle hint of glitter, and Adventure is a bright gold metallic shade. Basically, you have all your bases covered — matte, metallic, and shimmer — in one collection. Not to mention that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous.

The packaging is a plastic tube with a metal cap. The Storybook Cosmetics logo is stunning too. The only thing better is what is going inside. Here's a look at the swatch of Fantasy, which is my personal favorite shade.

How pretty is that! It's a matte shade, but there's a little bit of glitter to it to add to the dimension a bit. It's not super shimmery though. You can only tell if you get an up-close look at the color.

The other pink, Romance, is more of a pale pink. Just like Fantasy, it's a matte finish. The only difference is that this one doesn't have any glitter to it. Here's a look so you can decide for yourself which one is for you.

The last one is a metallic gold shade. It might not be for everyone, but I'm so glad that they added an initial pop of color to their collection. If you're looking to go bold, then this is the hue for you.

The applicator is just as great as the packaging and shades too. From the looks of the social media post, there's a doe-foot applicator with a little divot in it to help apply the makeup more evenly. Not exactly a ground breaking design, but it's great for their very first product.

Fingers crossed that these products come out soon, because these are too good not to have. According to the post, they'll be heading to production soon. That means the pre-sale can't be too much longer away. Considering they have so many amazing makeup creations in the works, you should probably start saving now.