This Pink Ladies Eyeshadow Palette Is Electrifyin'

Courtesy of Sola Look

It's a pastel dream and straight electrifyin'. Sola Look's forthcoming, Pink Ladies-inspired eyeshadow palette celebrates the iconic, pink jacket-wearing girl squad from Grease. Swatches of the Pink Ladies palette have finally been posted and the collection is full of shimmery pastels shades — pink, peach, nudes, blues, and golds. It's really a lovely range of hues. It's not just about Summer Lovin'. It's about Summer Colorin'.

The palette is available for pre-order at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on June 16, which is the 40 anniversary of the film's theatrical bow. It will instantly transport you to Rydell High — no matter your age or generation. It's that universal and will illuminate your lids with the prettiest, pastel-iest shades.

There is a total of 10 shadows in the palette. Judging from the swatches and the image that the brand posted of the internal imagery, which features a square mirror and a familiar shot of Rizzo with her short, black curls, flushed cheeks, red lips, and black-rimmed eyes, they are all shimmery shades. No mattes here.

While Rizzo isn't featured on the outer shell, the inside is all about her!

The top row of shadows is stamped with a swirly "P" for "pink," while each of the bottom row of shadows is stamped with an "L" for "ladies." It's all about the details.

Courtesy of Sola Look

Betcha can't wait to swipe a big, fluffy brush over the pans and create all sorts of pink, blue, and copper smoky eyes. Check out all that glimmer and shimmer. The pigmentation is on point, as well.

Courtesy of Sola Look

Some of the shades can be used to accent the lash line or popped into the inner corners for a little something extra. Others can be layered and piled on or swept lightly across lids as a wash. There are no boundaries nor are there any rules with this collection. You can use them in any way you wish to channel your inner Pink Lady.

The names are subtle references to phrases or songs from the film, which is a cultural touchstone. Diehard and casual fans will instantly recognize to what and to whom the names refer.

Courtesy of Sola Look

There's Blonde Pineapple, which is a golden greige. So Pink is a soft, millennial pink hue. Peachy Keen is just that. Beauty School is a sandy silver — no pun and we're not nodding to Sandy, the film's heroine who is not a member of the Pink Ladies clique. Jelly Bean is a royal purple shade, while Too Pure is a sparkly champagne pink shade. Summer Lovin' is a milky white. Electrifyin' is a hot pink that's utterly representative of the Pink Ladies, while Heartbreak is a bold and brickish copper. Frosty Palace is an icy, sexy blue.

Courtesy of Sola Look

The palette is $40, which shakes out to $4 per pan of shadow. The Pink Ladies palette will be your go-to for shimmer this summer. It will travel well as it can be tucked into a suitcase or weekender without taking up much space. It will go with any warm weather ensemble, too.

Courtesy of Sola Look

It's also a collector's edition and comes with a slip cover. So you can store it prettily on your vanity or wherever you display your makeup palettes and products.

The Pink Ladies palette has the capacity to be adored by all generations. The packaging is millennial pink, which is a direct homage to the fave color of Rydell High's coolest chicks. But it will also attract a younger audience that is just becoming familiar with the film, too!

While some Grease fans might be bummed that Sandy isn't a prominent part of the palette, it's still an excellent tribute to the film and its all-female crew.

We cannot wait to see how makeupistas and Grease fanatics rock these shades! The possibilities are endless.

Courtesy of Sola Look

Oh, and before we forget. Each palette also comes with a free Rizzo sticker...

Courtesy of Sola Look

... and a Pink Ladies patch! So not only will you get rad eyeshadows — you will also get some cool merch.

That's peachy keen, jelly bean.