Urban Decay Just Totally Revamped Its Lip Glosses & You Need To See The Swatches

Welcome back, lip gloss! Two years ago, Urban Decay revamped its lipstick line and create the Vice range. It's full of various finishes and shades. Now, the brand is reformulating its lip gloss collection and introducing the Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss. Move over mattes. Mega watt shine is back, courtesy of brand founder Wende Zomnir and Co.

Zomnir shared the entire, expanded collection on her personal Instagram. She labeled the formula "sexy and comfy at the same time." Lip gloss often gets a bad rap for being too sticky or tacky or for wearing off too quickly. Nothing is more annoying than wearing lip gloss on a windy day and ending up with a clump of hair affixed to your mouth. It appears that Urban Decay has solved this cosmetics conundrum with its latest innovation.

Zomnir also confirmed that the gloss adds "ultra shiny color" to your lips. She promises it won't feather for bleed, either.

So far, the Hi-Fi Shine lippies check off all the boxes of things that lip gloss lovers look for.

There's yet another totally rad element of Urban Decay's Hi-Fi Shine lippies. They come in four finishes. There is metallic and cream, just like the bullet lippies. There's also a sheer cream formula and the ever-trendy holographic.

Urban Decay Vice Special Effect Lip Topcoat, $9, Sephora

Urban Decay is all about giving its beauty lovers choices — and lots of them — when it comes to formula, texture, finish, and hue. There are 20 tubes of gloss in the image that Zomnir shared. The color spectrum is well-represented. There are hot pinks, purples, mauves, nudes, browns, and neutrals. You can go bold and bright or go soft and sweet.

The swatches on a dark skin tone show just how glossy these babies really are. Some of the Hi-Fi Shines are are majorly pigmented, while others are more sheer.

Here's how the shades and formulas translate on a medium skin tone.

This is how the lippies turn up on a fair skin tone. Based on these swatches, it's obvious that Urban Decay intended to up its gloss game — and succeeded.

While precise, velvety, and ultra pigmented mattes have been the dominant lip trend for the past few years, sexy, wet-look gloss has steadily mounted a comeback. Urban Decay's collection should allow gloss to further return to prominence in 2018.

UD also promises that the Hi-Fi Shine glosses will add instant plumpness to your pout. These glosses are $20 per tube. Despite being listed on the Urban Decay site, they are not available for purchase just yet.

Bustle reached out to Urban Decay to find out when the glosses will go on sale.

These up close 'n' personal visuals of the tubes allow you to see just how rich the cream versions are and just how sparkly the metallics are. Urban Decay is providing all the tools to suit your makeup mood and mouth.

Here's how one of the neutral shades shows up on an actual pair of lips. That shine is so modern. Wave buh-bye to the super thick, goopy, and uncomfortable lip glosses that were so prevalent in the '00s.

Watch this promo video and you'll further appreciate all of the shades and their unique qualities. You will find yourself getting back in touch with your '00s self and falling in love with lip gloss all over again. Shine on!